Elvis (actually another impersonator) has left the building

I came across this pic in Yahoo News and I got a warm fuzzy from it. Now normally any picture of this man makes me cringe. But something about this one in particular brought about a calm and peaceful feeling (think Xanax and a glass of red wine). I realized that one day (1294 not that I'm counting because that would be un-patriotic of me) Bush will be waving buh-bye for good and that made me smile.

If we could only push a little button and fast forward time...... better yet if we could another little button and rewind time..... Hell, it wouldn't matter. There are some really naive little people who would do it all over again regardless of what they've learned about him over the years. "By Gawd he's a Christian...he's a Republican... he supports Family Values.....and that's what this country needs" -- Suddenly I have an urge to quietly vomit.

Anyway, to me this picture represents hope, promise, and a new America. And it's only in 1294 days away...But who's counting?

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