Symptoms of Bird Flu

Important, please read all of the following carefully:

Symptoms of Bird Flu

The Center for Disease Control has released a list of symptoms of bird flu. If you experience any of thefollowing, please seek medical treatment immediately:

1. High fever
2. Congestion
3. Nausea
4. Fatigue
5. Aching in the joints
6. An irresistible urge to shit on someone's windshield


Found on a message board...

(I wish I could take the credit for this bit o' sarcasm)


1. Due to swift action, he immediately captured Osama bin Laden
2. He has united Americans
3. He has brought relief to millions at the gas pump
4. He converted Clinton’s deep deficits to a record surplus
5. He firmly believes in Church and State
6. He and his Vice President have never had an arrest record
7. He served our country proudly in the Air Force National Guard
8. He spared as many as 150,000 innocent Iraqi civilians by letting the weapons inspectors do their job
9. He has widened the middle class
10. He is not homophobic
11. He isn’t afraid to face the media, not resorting to cowardly acts like scripted press conferences
12. He is loyal to his friends, even if they are porcine, devious traitors

Abysmal Failure.

In one hour

the inlaws will be here. T is much calmer than usual when they visit. Has he been into my Xanax? The house is in pretty good shape considering it's been almost 2 weeks since the housekeeper was in. The back yard looks really good if you squint and do NOT look in between the shrubs -- weeds on attack big time.

Product endorsement of the day: Crest Vivid White toothpaste. Works like a charm. I've got my trays and bleach from the dentist which ran me about $500 and this seems to work just as good. Whitest teeth T has came across in....well..it better damn be 15 years! ;-)

Cologne of the day: Romeo Gigli wins again. It's a lot warmer than yesterday but it still feels like Fall.

Time to grab some iced tea and toss back an extra Xany for good measure.

Eye candy.....

...for the trick-or-treater who showed up late



For the past week I've spent all my free online time following the stock market. I've recently taken a keen interest in my future -- primarily my old age future. When I'm not glued to a streaming ticker I'm researching one of the stocks I hold or one that I'm interested in trading. I honestly never thought I'd enjoy this as much as I have. It's exhilarating and satisfying all at the same time.

My favorite vested stocks this past week were NABI & BPA both of which are pharmaceutical companies with interesting product lines. At one point I was up $600(+) on Nabi and then it started to fall -- AGAIN. I got into this company after it dropped over 70% in one day. I sold out a good deal of my (tiny) investment and still came out $400 ahead. (GO POOKIE!) I'm keeping a smaller amount of Nabi for the long term and may even grab some more depending on what happens Monday. Now BPA has been great. I've made a 33% return on this puppy from the beginning and plan on holding. I wish I'd bought much more of this one. But my best result of the week was buying into an industrial stock RTI and well below $30 per share and selling at $34.60. Whoopee! Now if you think I'm playing with big $$$ you are so wrong. I've invested no more than $2,500. See? The little guy can make a few extra dollars with some research and perseverance. My goal is to take all (any?) profits at the end of the month and roll into my safe & sound mutual fund and keep investing with my initial cash. Wish me luck. Pookie & T need something to fall back on when we get old & gray. (OK, OLD maybe but so long as I still have hair to be colored it will NOT be gray)

Currently on the top of my research is: JBLU, the only airline to turn a profit.

On to something of interest:

* The in-laws are coming in Sunday evening. So far we know what they don't want to do or see while here but no clue as to what we can all do of mutual interest during their visit. I work one of the days so poor T will be on his own keeping them entertained.

* Work has been pretty low key this week. Nothing too exciting to report other than "nursing new mommy" was released from her duties and another close friend with MUCH more personality and menopause behind her is now on the team. So far it's been great. I work with her today and anytime I'm with her it's a load of fun.

* Any day I'll get the final invoice on our February cruise. I'm so ready for this trip. 7 nights on a great ship in the Eastern Caribbean. This year we book a cabin with a balcony and are planning some pretty cool excursions. My mom & sister booked a cabin as well so this should be a fun family trip. Can't wait!

* Our first official tax bill arrived this week on the new house. It wasn't as bad as we thought but I pity the poor folks who bought in the development after us. We got in about 80K below what the homes are starting at now and their taxes will be a helluva lot worse. The taxes will only rise from here for future buyers as the prices of the homes rise every month. Damn glad we were able to get in when we did.

* tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me prior to the in-laws arriving. I have got to get all the summer clothes out of my closets and swap out for fall/winter clothes. This is a major ordeal that I should have started a long time ago. The upside is that I get to see all those cool new cool weather clothes I bought off the sales rack at the end of the season last year. It will be like shopping! Hell, I don't remember 1/2 of what I have so it'll be like Christmas. And that added bonus of being able to hide a multitude of sins under layered clothing.

* Product plug for today: With the cooler weather here I'm all about a scent that reflects my "fall mood". I already know that today I'll be wearing Romeo Gigli . It's an oldie but a classic. Every time I wear it it makes me think of the mountains and a cool breeze. I'm also seeing myself in a pair of khakis and a great Boss sweater I got off the clearance rack at Saks. I will be the epitome of the fall man today.

Chaste hugs & air kisses!