In one hour

the inlaws will be here. T is much calmer than usual when they visit. Has he been into my Xanax? The house is in pretty good shape considering it's been almost 2 weeks since the housekeeper was in. The back yard looks really good if you squint and do NOT look in between the shrubs -- weeds on attack big time.

Product endorsement of the day: Crest Vivid White toothpaste. Works like a charm. I've got my trays and bleach from the dentist which ran me about $500 and this seems to work just as good. Whitest teeth T has came across in....well..it better damn be 15 years! ;-)

Cologne of the day: Romeo Gigli wins again. It's a lot warmer than yesterday but it still feels like Fall.

Time to grab some iced tea and toss back an extra Xany for good measure.


Tomas said...

hope all went well.... in-laws are always a treat... this is when i do my most volunteering to "run out and get" whatever my wife needs to complete the meal kinda thing..... (and i drive reeeeeeeeeal slow)

Qivan said...

I'm using Vivid white, and it does work.