Staying on the subject of television....

I've recently become all kind of hooked on HBO's Big Love. In particular the character of "Nicki" played by Chloe Sevigny is what keeps me watching. This woman is amazing in her ability to play the perfect bitch. The plot, filming, and all of the characters are brilliant but Miss Nicki with her manipulation and conniving has won my heart.

Another show that's caught my interest as late is What About Brian? That hottie Barry Watson is reason enough to watch the show but there is actually some substance to this show. As far as network comedies go this one s potential. It's got sex, innuendo, scandal, and more sex with a comedic undertone. What more could you ask for?

And then there is my all time favorite leading cry baby Jonathan Antin of Blow Out fame. I still compare this show to watching a train wreck. He is just as annoying, egotistical, and maniacal as he was in the first two seasons. And yet I still continue to watch. The only real difference this season is that somehow he (miraculously) produced an offspring with his fiance (beard) which he occasionally comments on. By offspring I mean a real child....not another line of hair product. Though he is adding his another product to his line of must have merchandise in the form of, "Beauty Water", a shower head which filters the tap water before hitting your hair. As for me I'll continue to wash my golden locks with San Pellegrino. Kidding. But back to the kid don't you just know that this child is going to be royally fucked up with Jonathan as a daddy? Well, at least he'll have great hair.

Turn it off? If you insist.

TV-Turnoff Week 2006
So I've received all the emails from those with good intentions and followed the media hoopla surrounding this campaign and decided to do my part. I can do this - I just know it.

For the entire week I am not going to watch Fox News. OK - so I never watch this mind fuck of a channel in the first place. But I know that there are people who do. That's why I feel it is my duty to encourage anyone capable of thinking for themselves to join me in Turning off Fox News forever.

Don't we see and hear enough bullshit on a daily basis as it is? Do we really need to have it spoon fed to us under the guise of a legitimate news channel? You decide -- if you can that is.


The Sex (and difficult question) MEME

Borrowed -- OK STOLEN from my blog buddy Cola Boy. This is one that will be easy to say yes or no to and difficult to admit in some cases.

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay?
10 or 11 maybe...

2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex?
Yes. I've been with 11 people my entire life and the majority was female

3. Who was the first person you came out to?
Myself. Then to a friend.

4. Are you out to your family?
Most of them. I don't deny it or put on a front to have them believe otherwise. It's my belief that what someone does or doesn't do in their bedroom is only their business. You cannot control who you love.

5. Do you want children?
Sometimes. However, in Florida we couldn't adopt if we wanted to. Better to leave the little tykes in an orphanage than to give them a loving home, eh Mr. Republican?

6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends?
Locally my closest friends are heterosexual. T & I travel in several social circles and we have friends from every walk of life.

7. Were you out in school?
For the most part in college. In High School no.

8. Is your best friend the same sex as you?
I have several people I consider my best friends but my partner is a male and my very best friend so yes.

9. If your best friend is the same sex, have you ever had sex with them?
Hell yea! Every chance T is up for the occasion --- no pun intended.

10. Have you ever done crystal meth?
And coke...and MDA...and ecstasy...and acid....you name it I have probably tried it when I was much younger. Thank God I grew up and lived to tell about it.

11. Have you ever been in a sling?
Nope. But recently I've been thinking of getting a hammock and a mechanics creeper. You do the math...

12. Have you ever done a 3-way?
Yes. And hated it. I'm admittedly selfish and do not like to share. For each his own though so long as it's between consenting adults; they are safe; and no one gets hurt.

13. Have you ever dressed in drag?
For Halloween. I went as a best friend's Grandmother one year and as an obnoxious Christian Bible-thumper on another year.

13. Would you date a drag queen?
I've never been in a situation to make the call. I doubt it though.

14. Are you a top/bottom or truly versatile?
Shit it's been so long I forgot....Versatile I suppose.

15. Have you seen an uncircumcised penis?
Only in the pictures.

16. Have you had sex with someone of a different ethnicity?
I can't say that I have. If I were single I wouldn't rule it out for sure but before meeting T the occasion never arose. No pun intended.

17. Have you ever barebacked?
I love barebacking so much I wrote an entire essay about it: Barebacking 101. Seriously, I've been in a very monogamous relationship for 15 years. Nothing comes between me and my man.

18. How many Cher CDs do you own?
One. I bought it right after seeing Cher's (999th) farewell tour.

19. Name of your first love?
Where to begin. Once upon a time I was in love with a girl named Paula. She broke my heart. Before her I was in love with an alcoholic, abusive son-of-a-bitch named Jimmy. I truly believe that life throws us curves so we can eventually become who we are supposed to be. And be with.
20. Do you still talk to them?
Nope. I have no idea where she is and the last time I talked to him he was still a drunk. I do wish them both all the best in the world though....

21. Does size matter?
Remember that when purchasing furniture one needs to be mindful of scale for a truly functional and beautiful room. Oh, I bet this means something else....I can honestly say that I've personally never had any complaints and for the past 15 years haven't had to dish any out.

22. Biggest turn on?
Everything about T turns me on. His scent...little sounds...motions. I particularly am turned on by his arms and his perfect ass.

23. Biggest turn off?
Hell, the wind blows the right way and I get a woody. Regarding my man there really isn't anything that comes to mind.

24. Ever been harassed due to you orientation?
I've never been bashed or anything and I can't remember anyone screaming anything crude at me. I guess I've always surrounded myself with liberal thinking people. If I was harassed I didn't realize it. I know gay harassment exists and I would pity the person who tries that shit on me.

25. Worst gay stereotype that applies to you?
I get my hair highlighted. Of course that's fast becoming a norm with heterosexual men as well so....

26. Ever been to a pride rally?
Yep. It was in Atlanta and I ran into a GORGEOUS hunk of a man who I "almost" dated --- until I made out with him. He kept his eyes open the entire time and had a crazy look about him and that was a major turn off.

27. Would you marry if you could?
Perhaps. Mainly for the economic and logistic side of it. I'm committed...T's committed...and I don't need a piece of paper to convince me of this. Again, for each his own.

28. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful?
Well, if you are "rich" and smart there are procedures to keep you looking young and beautiful. So I choose the former of the two.

29. Do you sculpt your eyebrows?
I do tweeze and trim them to keep them looking neat. But I have never had them waxed.

30. Do you trim your body hair?
Regularly. The clippers know my body almost as well as T does.

31. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day?
See #12.

32. Ever been to an orgy?
Nope. Not my cup of tea. But for those who are consenting adults, inclined, and practice safe sex then have at it.

33. Have you dated your best friends ex?

34. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president?
If she were the best Democratic candidate running I would.

35. Do you want monogamy in your relationships?
I demand monogamy. It is in fact the basis of my relationship. I just cannot imagine being with anyone other than T.

36. Do you believe in true love?

37. Do you have any tattoos?
No, but I would like to get one on my ankle.

38. Do you have any piercings?
Both ears are/were pierced. It's been years since I've worn a ring though.

39. Would you date a smoker?
Seeing as I smoke it's a given. T has basically stopped smoking and I am planning to stop by my birthday.

40. Do you get HIV tests every 6 months?
Not anymore. 15 monogamous years with the same person pretty much eliminates the need.

41. Do you know anyone who has died from H.I.V.?
Sadly yes. In my close circles of friends there hasn't been anyone but through the six degrees of separation I know many.

42. Do you know what Stonewall was?
I do. I also had the pleasure of knowing Jack Nichols, a pioneer in the Gay Rights movement, via interviews and many lengthy phone conversations. He was a lovely person with vision, drive, and a heart of gold.

43. Strangest place you have had sex?
In a treehouse located in a park beside a town home T and I lived in for a while. That was back in the wild days -- see #10.

44. Strangest place you've woken up?
On the floor?

45. Are your best years behind or in front of you?
Every day is a gift. I can only hope and pray that there are many more years ahead.

46. Favorite porn movie?
I can only remember the name of one - Two Fistfuls.

47. There was no #47! Guess that's what happens when you steal a MEME.

48. Are you in love now?
Head over heels.

49. Ever been in love with a straight guy/girl?
Yes. See #19.

50. Did you ever have sex with them?
Yes. See #19.

51. Have you ever been to a nude beach?
Yes. But it was more of a topless beach and I was a child.

52. Have you ever been to a bath house?
I've been inside a bar that at one time was a bath-house but I've never been a "guest" of an active one. That said I do have a huge shower in my bathroom with a tile bench....

53. Ever had sex in public?
Does #43 count? It was 4:00 in the morning but someone did walk by and see us.

54. Have you ever gotten into a relationship for Money or Security, instead of Love and Friendship?

55. Have you ever stayed in a relationship for Money or Security, instead of Love and Friendship?
Possibly. I stayed in an abusive relationship because I was young and didn't want to move back home. I suppose being knocked around was better than not having my own place at the time.

56. Have you ever keyed someone's car?
No but I was with a group of friends on a night out and one guy, the last person in the world you'd expect, did. I cussed his ass out up and down for doing it.

57. Have you ever fantasized killing someone not famous?
Nope. I've wanted to slap the shit of a few people (and have) but that's about as harsh as it gets.

58. Have you ever witnessed someone dying?
My father and my brother during the saying process.

59. Have you ever contemplated suicide?
Yes. Years ago I let depression get the better of me and came very close to pulling the trigger. Thank God I had the good sense to call my shrink at the time.

60. Are you glad you're still here?
Well, Hell yes! Like I said, every day is a gift. Life is one big adventure and from the bad times and good times alike we grow into who we are supposed to be. I have a lot of growing up to do yet.

And now, any of you readers are welcome to copy (STEAL -- like I did) and fill this MEME out.


Home sweet home

OK - so it's been a month since I've posted an update. The only excuse I have is that I've been super busy and there hasn't been anything earth-shattering to report. Work is good - my team is being left alone by PP#1 - and we're in full swing for the spring season. Life in the office has been pretty sweet actually.

I've been spending a lot of time working in the yard and around the house in general. Two days went to organizing my dresser and part of my closet. I still have a good day straightening out hanging clothes and removing coat hangers by the hundreds. Those things really must breed! And I broke down and bought a new dishwasher because I hated the one that I picked out when we built.

For two weeks T had a terrible bacterial-sinus infection thing that he brought back from a trip to West Virginia. About the time he started feeling better I caught it and am just now starting to feel human again. Thank God for anti-biotics and orange juice! At the peak of my misery I actually wrote T a thank you note for the "lovely gift" he gave me. It was my little way of making him feel guilty and it worked. And it was quite funny... During this week of hell we had company from Atlanta visiting. My old friend and her husband and 1 y.o. boy came for the weekend and it was really nice. They came down to tour the University Law School and the hubby decided after 1 day that this was where he'd get his law degree. The best part is that they are renting a house in my neighborhood for 3 years. It will be great to have my girlfriend and her family so close by.

On Easter Sunday I actually hid plastic eggs in the yard and had T look for them. I know...I know...It's stupid but it was fun. He just never knows what to expect from me. It was really cute and I took pictures of him walking around the back yard with his basket. Of course I've been forbidden from sharing these but trust me...They are cute.

During the whole funeral trip time I basically ignored my investment accounts. Imagine my surprise when one of my stocks, NABI, I'd bought 6 months ago at $3.06 (down from $23 after a failed FDA trial phase) started making a profit. Overall I'm up an average 42% in my portfolio and am on the hunt for another good Biotech stock which has taken a big hit.

One of office mates, CW#2, just returned from a week cruise on Celebrity and now I'm getting the bug again....Big time. What I'd give to be on a ship right this minute drinking my coffee on the balcony looking at the blue seas....The destination really doesn't matter - I just want to be cruising! I'm feeling a visit to the Royal Caribbean web site coming on....

Well, I have exactly 40 minutes before I need to be in the office and I better get running. It's going to take me 30 minutes just to decide what to wear!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'll be hitting your blogs from the office.