Barebacking 101

With all the frenzy surrounding the upcoming movie, Brokeback Mountain , a film primarily about Barebacking between friends, I felt that a bit of Barebacking Safety was in order. Young men around the world (the obvious targeted market for this film) will want to emulate the stars they see on the big screen and I want their first Barebacking experience to be safe and fun.

Most cowboys agree that barebacking is the most physically demanding event, taking an immense toll on the cowboy's body. Muscles are stretched to the limit, joints are pulled and pounded mercilessly, and ligaments are strained and frequently rearranged. The strength of barebacking is exceptional, and challenging them is often costly.

Barebackers endure more abuse, suffer more injuries and carry away more long-term damage than all other cowboys.

To stay aboard the Barebacker will sometimes use a rigging made of leather. The rigging, which resembles a suitcase handle on a strap, is placed on and adjusted and then secured with a cinch. Other times the Barebacker will use stirrups. If the Barebacker isn't comfortable with this technique or is inexperienced then he may tip forward, and thus shifting his weight forward, too. This makes the ride too rough. The determination and drive of the first time Barebacker will keep him hopping back on for more when inevitably falls off.

To bring out, polish, and perfect the Bareback experience the Barebacker should sit-down on what is known in the Bareback community the "sweet spot". If using stirrups they should be adjusted so that the legs of the rider are free swinging and hung forward. By letting the legs hang (naturally) in the narrowest place on the sides the Barebacker will achieve the "rider's groove".

As the rider bursts from the chute, the rider must have both spurs touching the shoulders until the feet hit the ground after the initial move from the chute.
This is called "marking out."

As the bucking begins the rider pulls his knees up, rolling his spurs up the shoulders. As the descent begins the cowboy straightens his legs, returning his spurs over the point of the shoulders in anticipation of the next jump.

A Barebacker can enhance the experience by perfecting his technique. By keeping his toes turned out while he is riding and showing his willingness to take whatever might come during his ride he will reach new heights of satisfaction.

Barebacking can be rough and explosive and it isn't for everyone. But, according to bareback riders, it's the cowboy way.

I hope that in some small way this post will make Barebacking a fun and learning experience for those trying it for the first time.

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Hikaru said...

I'm rolling around laughing now.

Excellent post!

The Dangerous Man said...

That was really funny,

"Barebacking can be rough and explosive and it isn't for everyone"

-That makes it sound greatly enjoyable, but horribly nasty at the same time.

I have a friend at work that always says gay sex videos makes it seem like torture.

Good blog!

Pookie65 said...

I fail to see the humor in equestrian safety ;-)

MiKell said...

Can I just say,...

I thought this was going to be a post that would drag me down.

Boy was I wrong. LOL!!!

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

I have no idea what this post is about, but I like the picture!

Ethan said...

lol....this is hilarious!!!

Scotty said...

OMG!!! That was hilarious. I am linking to this post later tonight...I was nearly crying I was laughing so hard...the guy in the office next to me must think I am a freak.

that matt guy said...

omg, this has been so educational & informative. All this time I've been doing it all wrong. holy shit!

well now I can read this and learn...steps to the new & correct direction, spurs & all.