Summing it all up

Guess this is my last post for 2005. Wow, typing that I'm hit with the reality that indeed another whole year has gone by. I guess the old saying that time flies as you get older is painfully true. While I've only been blogging for a few (5-6 maybe) months I've gotten to know some fascinating people and had as much of a peek inside their lives as they care to share. In return I've done the same.

When I started this blog I had no idea how much fun it would be or how far I'd go in letting myself expose the mish mash of experiences that is my life. Sometimes sarcastic (OK mainly sarcastic) and sometimes sweet you've gotten the real me. To all of you who've found something redeeming (tolerable) enough to keep you coming back I thank you. It's been a fun ride.

I look forward to another year of sharing secrets, drama, gossip, and even the mundane aspects of our individual lives that bring us together for a few minutes once in a while.

In true Pookie fashion I am going to close this chapter with some of my bitchiest rants and most sincere raves of 2005. The ones that come to mind at least...

The Rants

George W. Bush: Abysmal failure as a leader and all around arrogant son of a bitch. Thank God there are only three (+) years left for him to deplete the credibility of the United States as the Land of the Free. As a Christian it's my duty to pray for him and I do. I pray that the man and his family remain safe, healthy and happy as a familial unit. That's about as much as I can muster up but it's sincere.

The AFA, Pat Robertson and all the other so called "Christians" : Those who spew venom from the pulpits and damn their brothers and sisters under the guise of Jesus name. These people are so filled with hatred and love for power that they are in fact driving people away from Christ. Stop being so damn nosey about what's happening in your neighbors bedrooms. If you're so damn curious about gay sex then hire yourself a same-sex prostitute and try it out. (If you haven't already) Otherwise shut the hell up and worry about your own damn household.

A Republican government & pseudo media " Platformed on corruption and greed: In 2005 the United States as a whole has seen an intentional flood of divisive and corruptive acts for the sole purpose of tearing this great country in half. For five very long, hard years they've used religion, morality and fear in order to influence the weak minded and turn them against one another. Fortunately, people have began to wise up and there appears to be an upswing towards true Democracy once again in America. To those who still buy into this bullshit - Wake up and make up your own damn mind for a change.

Senseless deaths & injury continue in Iraq: And for what? To speak out against this unholy war defines as a person as un-Patriotic and Anti-American to many of the Bush sheep. To question the reasoning behind keeping America's heroic troops in a literal bloodbath for no apparent reason is considered treason. If you don't have a yellow ribbon on your SUV then you don't support the US military? Mass political brainwashing has turned far too many Americans into cold and malicious, unfeeling shells of humans. God help us all. And to the first person that ever gets in my face and tries to stop me from executing my right to free speech you are in for one hell of an ass whooping.

Now on a less serious note:

Celebrities who jump on couches, preach morality, degrade women, gays, minorities, and then bitch about having their picture taken when they're picking their nose: Go fuck yourself. You can fall from fame just as quickly as you rose. Hollywood & New York are crawling with people who'd love to take your place. In fact, many of them are far more attractive and talented than you are. Get over your damn selves already. You wanted to be in the public eye and now you are. Be a role model -- not an asshole.

People who refer their biceps & triceps as guns: Oh. My. God. I appreciate a fine looking physique as much as the next fag (and being gay I reserve the right to call myself that) or girl but come on... calling your arms guns... it just sounds so low class. Just a pet peeve of mine. If my T ever asked me to look at his guns (which he'd never say) I would proceed to puke on his feet.

The obsession with six-pack abs: I don't get it all all. Personally I want a real man with some meat on his bones. Give me a real man who doesn't look like he hasn't eaten in months and then swallowed over sized ribs which settled in his belly. Gross, yech, pooh.

Blog wars: What the fuck is up with this? If someone doesn't want to read a blog then they shouldn't read it. If they don't like what someone has to say then go to another blog. It's quite simple really. You hit the little backwards arrow at the top of your screen and POOF you're gone. There is enough drama in real life without creating more. And there are plenty of blogs to appease anyone's appetite. So stop whining and bitching about someone else's blog and move on ya big losers.

People late for appointments: I hope that everyone reading this will make a point to be five minutes EARLY the next time you have to be somewhere. Unless there is a fire, death, illness, or accident I don't want to hear your excuses. You don't have any. And neither do I if I am late.

Counting Carbs: Sweet baby Jesus in the green grass just eat a bagel once in a while. It won't kill you. The whole obsession with refined sugars...bleached flour...etc... makes me insane. Moderation is the key to everything. Remember that while you're enjoying a fresh, hot homemade biscuit with butter & honey.

The Raves

Blogging: I've met so many interesting people since I started blogging. I've laughed, learned, gasped and even shed a tear over some of the posts I've read. The whole concept remains fascinating to me and I thank everyone out there who has opened up and shared a little bit of them with me.

Freedom: As much as so many would like to see it stripped away we in the USA are still a free people. There are legal limitations and restrictions -- some good some not so good -- but overall we're still very lucky.

HRC: Fighting for the rights of the GLBT community.

ACLU: Protecting the civil rights of all Americans.

NARAL: Securing the rights of Women.

Freespeech.org: And alternative to spoon fed media crap.

PBS: Of the people...For the people

My T: The most awesome guy in the world. I love ya, baby.

And a huge thanks to all of you who continue to stop by and read my rants, raves, mindless dribble and weak attempt at humor. You rock!

My sincere wishes to all for a happy, safe, loving and healthy new year.

See ya next year!



Everyone knows Ethan at Brat Boy Scool but did everyone already know that he is on the cover of the latest Instinct Magazine? Hello??? How did I miss this? I read his site regularly. Hell, I was reading a post this morning. Anyhoo, if you haven't see his site he offers current events, political discussions, healthy recipes and he's a sweet guy & cute as a button.

If I had a brain I'd be dangerous.

Kudos, Ethan!

Brokeback Mountain - The Republican version you didn't read about. Yet.

The GOP version: Brokeback America

Directed: by Tom Delay

Genre: Out of touch with reality / Greed, Scandal

Writing credits: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly

Production: Fox News

Tagline: Some men just like the thrill of the ride and others just playing a bitch

Cast overview, first billed only:

George W. Bush .... Ennis Del Mar
Dick Cheney .... Jack Twist
Tom Delay .... Joe Aguirre
Laura Bush .... Lureen Newsome
Condoleeza Rice .... Alma Del Mar

Plot Outline: Parodically based on the E. Annie Proulx story about a forbidden and not so secretive relationship between two renegade cowboys and their twisted lives over the years.

Outstanding Scene: Set against the prop of an ACLU logo and a United Nations logo crudely spray painted on the back of a barn in Crawford, Texas Ennis and Jack are taking turns criss-crossing their urine on the respective logos.

Ennis: Whooooo weeee all that beer is done making me have to piss like a racehorse.
Jack: Well, it looks like that's not all it's done. Your scrotum has shrunk to the size of a 6 year old boy.
Ennis: You looking at my power pecker, Jack? (smiles and shakes his willy at Jack)
Jack: Fuck off, Ennis.
Ennis: Hey now there ain't no need to get all pissy with me. (laughs) Hey? Pissy! I said pissy while we're pissing. That's funny.
Jack: You are an idiot, Ennis. (Jack winks and directs his willy at Ennis and sprays his pants leg with a stream of urine)
Ennis: Awww hell why'd you have to go and do that for? Now Alma is gonna think I pissed myself again.
Jack: But you liked it didn't ya bitch?
Ennis: I ain't nobody's bitch. (laughs) OK. Maybe your bitch but that's our secret, right?
Jack: Don't get all pussy on me. (winks) Hey? You wanna go back to the pop-tent and play Big Daddy gives the baby a spanking some more?
Ennis: Can I be the daddy this time and you sit on my lap and tell you what to do?
Jack: Now you know that's not going to happen.
Ennis: OK then. But this time you ain't using that book. That thing hurts.
Jack: Big Baby. The Constitution isn't that thick.
Ennis: (looking over at Jack's willy) And neither is something else I spy.
Jack: (laughs) Oh, Ennis I wish it could always be like this forever and ever and ever.
Ennis: We have 3 1/2 more years of this so let's just make the best of it. Race you back to the tent?
Jack: You betcha cowboy. You betcha. Last one there eats the cracker!

The sun sets as the two make believe cowboys frolic across the back yard of the ranch to the tent with their pants still down around their ankles.

MPAA: Rated R for sexuality, rape of civil rights, ignorance, pilferage of a record National Surplus, sabotage of the US Constitution, language and violence.

Runtime: 4 1/2 very long years

Country: As USA as American Fries, Homeland Security, and illegal wire tapping.

Language: English no matter how poorly it's used in press Conferences and public addresses.

Color: Primarily White Anglo Saxon Protestant


Christmas came & went....but I didn't

Hard to believe that another Christmas (or whatever you choose to call the season) is over. For me it was a lovely time spent with friends at parties & dinners and & an early family celebration as T & I stayed home while my mom, sister and brother-in-law went to Atlanta. On Christmas eve I out did myself in the kitchen with the perfect Chicken Wellington. I believe I've cooked more in the last month than in the 11 months preceding. T got a home cooked meal and I have tons of ammunition for eating out in the near future.

Aside from a nasty cold for a couple of days and an ugly back injury repeating itself for a few days it was a great time.

T continues to amaze me with his gay-gene development (albeit latent) in home decorating abilities. I was surprised Christmas morning with a huge round wall clock which I loved. He was afraid I wouldn't like it but it's perfect. Just perfect. Hanging it lead to re-arranging furniture, changing drapes in the living & dining rooms, and moving around some art & rugs. All this for a simple clock! He was a good sport and helped me take down all the Christmas decorations and putting the house back together. This is the first time that I've rearranged furniture in the living area of the new house so it was a lot of fun for me. For T it was a labor of love I suppose. He also got me some cooking appliances & gadets that I am in love with as well. Awesome loot this year.

So with my back out there were no bedroom acrobatics. This I plan to make up for this very soon. Very soon indeed.

New Years Eve has always found the annual party at our house. Much to the dismay of our friends it ain't gonna happen this year. We've thrown two huge (expensive) soirees this year for our respective 40th birthdays and weren't up to another one just yet. Let someone else host the party! Actually, we'll probably take dinner out and then back home with a movie or two and in bed early.

With the New Year around the corner I've been thinking of a few personal resolutions for 2006. The problem with this is that I don't do "authority" even if it's self imposed and "resolution" sounds to me like an order. Example: I'd last about 1 minute in the military with someone barking instructions or orders at me before cussing someone out and being shot for my impertinence. The same goes for any job I've ever held. No one "tells" me what to do. If I know ahead of time what's required of me then I do it and do it well but put it in writing and come see me when it's done. I'm always open to suggestion and I work (play) well with others but the whole superiorirty thing don't fly with me. My philosophy is that no matter how rich, powerful, educated, etc... someone is they are still going to have to take a shit in the mornings and they will eventually die just like everyone else. Any job interview I've ever had I've shared the above philosophy pretty much verbatim so there's never any surprises down the road with me.

Anyhoo back to the resolution issue: I don't make them. Why would I give myself a list of commands when I won't follow someone else's? So this year I am going to make up a new program all together and suggest that all the other strong-willed people out there do the same.

Pookies Gentle Suggestions For Self Improvement In 2006

1) I'd really like to quit smoking. It's bad for me and quite frankly I'm tired of it.

2) I feel that I'd be a happier person by losing 20 pounds. I'm happy with myself in my current skin but there is always room for slight improvement.

3) By organizing my life..Paperwork..Household...I'll have more time to spend on myself. Maybe I'll look into making some changes.

4) Once upon a time I enjoyed going to the gym on a regular basis. I get fast results when I do go and perhaps in 2006 I'll make this a regular part of my life. (Note: I did not say routine as it sounds too bossy)

5) In 2006 I could see myself putting more into investments for the future.

6) Also in 2006, If I squint while looking into my crystal ball, I can almost see myself either going back to school part-time or taking online classes to finally (eventually) get a Masters.

7) If I were a bit wiser I'd compose a list of films, music, & books that I'd like to entertain myself. Maybe I'll check into this as well.

8) Over the years I've much more understanding and patient. I hope this continue into 2006.

9) Something I enjoy doing but don't do as much as I'd like it to hand write letters to friends and family abroad. Without saying that I resolve to do more in 2006 I'll say that I can see myself stocking up on stationary and stamps --- just in case.

10) If I were a better blogger I'd update more frequently and regularly. Seeing as I'm not the kind of person who takes kindly to harsh suggestions or criticism I'll ignore that out-of-nowhere remark and pencil in a sweet reminder in my day planner to "update when I have time and the mood strikes".

There ya have it, my non-resolutions for 2006. I'd love to see your lists -- but only if you feel like doing it and can make the time.

Hugs, cheers and love in 2006 to all!


Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Now you have it folks, Bareback Mountain, the offical trailer. Truly Inherently Wrong.




The lovable & hilarious Scotty at The Other Side of Striaght tagged me with this a few days ago and had this to say about tagging me "Pookie (since he never seems to have anything to post about anymore)!" Awwwww, Scotty, I've just been super busy and while I've been reading all my fave blogs (yours included) I don't always have time to post on my own or comment. Trying to get a lot done by years end. Hopefully things will slow down a bit.

So here we go to the 4 Things Meme:

Four jobs you have had in your life:

Telecommunications Manager at a large Atlanta Law Firm
Property Manager for commercial/residentital real estate
Residentital Real Estate Sales
Moonlighted as a waiter/dancer at the now defunct Lemon Peel male strip joint in Atlanta

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Imitation of Life
Coal Miner's Daughter
Girls Will Be Girls
Silence OF The Lambs

Four places you've lived:
Atlanta, Georgia
Vinings, Georgia
Dunwoody, Georgia
Gainesville, Florida

Four TV shows you love to watch:

Young & The Restless
Bold & The Beautiful

Four places you've been on vacation:

San Francisco
Sarasota, Florida
Blue Ridge Mountains

Four websites you visit daily:

Yahoo Finance
My favorite bloggers

Four of your favorite foods:

Pasta (all kinds)
Chicken (all kinds)
Cheese (all kinds)
Fresh Veggies (all kinds)

Four places you'd rather be right now:

I'm home so no place at the moment....
Second choice is San Francisco
Third Choice is New York, New York (was planning to spend Christmas there)
Fourth Choice is on The Mariner of The Seas (will be sailing her on Feb 5th - 12th)

Four Bloggers you are tagging:

T (and you think I haven't updated in a while!)
Micah (I bet he doesn't do it)
Cola Boy


However you choose to say it....

" Merry Christmas "
" Happy Festivas "
" Happy Holidays "
" Happy Hanaukkah "
" Happy Kwanza "
" Vesela koleda i chestita nova godina "
" Joyeux Noël "
" Maligayang Pasko "
" Feliz Navidad "
" Schone Weinachten "
" Prettig kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar! "
" Suk San Wan Christmas "
" Geseënde Kersfees en 'n voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar! "
" Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda "
" God Jul och Gott Nytt År "
" Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta "
" Crâciun Fericit si La Multi Ani! "
" Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva i s Novim Godom "
" Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket és Boldog Újévet! "
" Giang Sinh Vui Ve "
" Sing Dan Fai Lo "
" Il-Milied It-Tajjeb U Is-Sena T-Tajba "
" Kala Xristougenna Kai Eytyxismeno to Neo Etos "
" Buon Natale "

From my heart to yours.

May you have a safe, happy and joyful weekend.


Twice in one day. Now I'm lucky for once a month.

Regarding posts and sex in that particular order.

I'm feeling like sharing (boring) my readers with some highlights of yesterday and my plans for the next few days so here it is:

Rant: I really don't have one. Either I took too much Xanax by mistake and nothing could penetrate my last nerve or my life is too good to be true.

Rave I: I let go of the tizzy that my friend put me in. She was being a bitch (and not the kind I admire though she does possess that ability) and I let it get to me. She's constantly getting herself into trouble with that mouth of hers and she always will. It's not going to change and even with her faults she is still my friend. I will, however, make her bail her own ass out of trouble the next time something happens to teach her a lesson. Then I'll tell her why I did it. Perhaps she'll grow as a person for it. If not it will be fun just to see her squirm.

Rave II: I received in the mail from Netflix the Point Pleasant series disc 3 which brought closure to the show for me. I was livid when Fox canceled the series. They stopped airing Point Pleasant with 4 remaining shows left. For God sake why do networks do this? Anyway, I had a PP marathon last night and was able to see how things unfolded. Shocking, creative and furious is all I can say. Still pissed that it was axed but at least I know now how things played out.

Rave III: I am 100% done with Christmas shopping. And yes I said "Christmas." I really don't give a shit if it isn't PC. It's always been Christmas to me and it always will. That said I greet all strangers and friends who I know are Jewish...Agnostic...Muslim...etc... with Happy Holidays so as not to offend. And the cards that I mail out are all "Holiday" in nature so as not to offend. But "I" celebrate Christmas. Anyway, the shopping is done and by next week with a click of the mouse I can transfer funds to pay off my credit card. So it's all paid for. Yippee! All I have to do is wrap what needs wrapping and I'm done.

Rave IV: Heading over to my sisters house over at the Island for her annual Christmas party. We're leaving tonight after T gets off work and coming back Sunday. It should be a fun party and I plan on doing some antique shopping while there. I have to buy myself a little sumthin sumthin ya know. If it's not raining I want to walk on the beach. I love walking the beach when it's cold. Such a contradiction to me...the beach...cold...Hell, I'm even going to pack the perfect sweater I bought a couple of years ago just for cool weather beach walking.

Rave V: I made 4 batches of Chex Mix last night. I really hate messing up my kitchen (thus the reason I prefer to eat out) but it was actually fun. A few years back I bought these amazing commercial non-stick pans (huge bastards) and could cook a double batch in each one. Glory!

Rave VI: My tan lasted over a week last time. CJ has perfected the formula for my skin tone and adjusted it for Todd's highlights. Unf-ing believe results. I'm a happy boy.

Rave VII: I found THE sexiest damn shirt for this weekends party. It's a Kenneth Cole black pullover with a low V-neck and get this...black velvet on the cuffs and collar. OMG. Now I just have to find the right slack to wear with it. And then which cologne to adorn myself with. Something wintry & spicy.....and the winner will likely be Romeo Gigli. Damn I love that stuff.

Rave VIII: Joined the gym. Actually I told T to get me a membership for my stocking and he did but I got it early. I went yesterday and it was nice being back. I'm so looking forward to Yoga and thinking about Pilates as well. We sail on February 6th for a week and I need a somewhat "bathing suit ready" body for the trip. A month & 1/2 of gym and a month of starvation should do the trick. I hope.

So that's all folks. I am going to leave you with a little holiday eye candy from my proverbial table (I wish) to yours.

Bon Appetit you horny boys & girls!

How the time flies when you're a good bitch

So Wednesday was my moms 80th birthday. To look at her you'd think she was maybe 70. She's in great shape for a woman of her tender age and a 31 year cancer survivor. Three times she fought it and 3 times she kicked its ass. She lost a breast during one of these battles but it never slowed her down or killed her spirit. Even that didn't have an effect on her. To show you the kind of person she is, when the doctor met with my dad & her prior to the masectomy he asked my dad how it would affect him by her losing a breast. He grabbed her hand look at the doctor and said " well, she's never had much up top to being with so there's really nothing to miss. Besides, all the good stuff is down below if you know what I mean", and with that said the three of them cracked up. In short she is amazing and I'm truly blessed to have her around.

To celebrate her birthday my sister and I started planning months in advance. We were planning to either go back to Atlanta and throw her a huge party or either bring down to Florida all of her friends and relatives that she'd enjoy having around. Well, smelling something cooking mother made it quite clear that she would "not be having a big party' and would be very pissed off if we threw her one. She said this three times. Knowing her as we do we took her at her word. If she'd said it once we'd have taken it as a green light. If she'd said it twice we'd have proceeded with caution. But by saying this three time we knew she would really be pissed. She can be a bitch when she wants to and as I often tell her it's one of her most enduring qualities. Seriously. There is nothing more I love in a southern woman that the ability to be a good bitch when she wants to. I often tell her that she's the best bitch I know and she loves me all the more for the compliment. In fact, she'll often rebuke an annoying (deserving) sales person or telemarketer and then recount the tale asking me if she was "too bitchy" or just "enough to make a point"? Gotta love it!

So what did we do for her birthday you ask? Well, her favorite brother & his wife and her sister "V" (oh my God the stories I could tell about this hurricane of a woman) were planning on coming down anyway so my sis and I set Plan B into motion. Long story short sis told mom she was over at the island house for the week and would celebrate later and I told mom I had to work and would go to dinner with the aunts, uncle and her that evening. (Uncle & his wife were in on it -- hurricane Aunt V was not) Well, that wasn't exactly the truth. Sis was at the island but drove over that morning and at 12:15 this white stretch limo picked she and I up at my house. Then we proceeded up the street to moms house where sis and went to the door with a dozen pink roses and told her to get her ass ready we were going to lunch. She was happy to have 2 of her kids there. My brother was in California having his last bone scan for rabid prostrate cancer that morning and then flying that afternoon to Atlanta to their new home there. So 10 minutes later we're out the door for lunch. The driver had parked the car out of sight so she didn't see it right off but when she did she was taken back. We piled into the car and for the hours drive over to the Gulf to the restaurant the aunts, Uncle, and my mom had the time of their life. We had a great lunch, everyone had a great time and yesterday mother told me over coffee that it was truly one of the best birthdays she'd ever had. Then she proceeded to tell me that if we'd thrown her a party she'd have kicked our asses and never forgiven us. Then for ten minutes I got a lecture from her on the party "we thought about having" that never was. She bitched and I loved and relished every minute of. So did she.


Long time no update....

It's been a crazy few weeks for me. The holidays being in full swing...Fiscal year end at work...and wrapping up 2005 in preparation for the new year have kept Pookie a busy boy.

I've managed to read all my favorite blogs and squeeze in the occasional reply but updating my own site has taken a back seat.

First the rant: I am so pissed right now at a friend of mine that I can't see straight. She is a self-made, powerhouse of a woman that I've known for 10 years now. She has a big heart and can be a really sweet person but she's so damn single focused that she can come across as rude and arrogant to those who don't really know her. It's this "one way mode" that she gets in that's made me so mad. Sometimes (OK often) she'll just pop off and say something without thinking of how to word what she's trying to say and it comes out very negative. I've bailed her ass out of situations many times doing damage control but I've decided that the next time she's on her own. Next time that mouth of hers gets her into trouble with the wrong person I am not cleaning up her mess. She knows better than to pop off to me because I will damn sure call her on it. But people who aren't used to her can get hurt. That's the case this evening. Sorry "X", but you're on your own for a while. Eventually I'll toss ya a paddle cause that's the kind of guy I am but not until you've learned a long overdue lesson.

I feel better now.

Rave I: I am so psyched about the holidays this year. Starting with Thanksgiving it's truly "felt" like a holiday season. The smells, sights and sounds have stirred up something in me that I've not felt in a long time. I plan on taking every emotion and making this a memorable season.

Rave II: The Victoria's Secret fashion show is on tonight. No, I've not forgotten that I'm gay. I just get a tremendous jolt watching all the attitude and energy in a VS show. CBS -10:00 EST if anyone else cares.

Rave III: I am 99% done with my holiday shopping and about 1/2 done wrapping. From here out it's all about me. I found myself an amazing little Hilfiger number off the clearance rack for the casual cocktail parties. Slacks & sweater in matching Burgundy. With a fresh sprayed tan and my best highlights ever (thanks Todd - my new hairdresser) I look pretty damn hot. Heading over to the coast this weekend for a party and for once know what to wear. Hell yes.

Rave IV: Bold & The Beautiful (one of my guilty pleasures) is better than ever. The show has broached the subject of a lesbian couple (even though there is no Lesbian couple) with resident bitch and family matriarch Stephanie Forrester thinking her long, lost daughter is gay. Even better she is totally cool with it. I'm almost thinking that Stephanie will be upset when she finds out Felicia isn't gay. Hats off to a soap for showing a pro-gay parent.

Rave V: Saw the new Harry Potter and loved it. And this week is the release of Brokeback Mountain. KNOW that I will be in the theater as soon as humanly possible. Gay cowboys...gotta love it.

Well, I've bitched a bit, spread some holiday joy and plugged a lingerie show so my work is done for the night. Hopefully, I'll be able to update regularly in the near future. Meanwhile check your stats and you'll see that I've been to your blog. I may not always leave a reply but I'm loving on ya all the same.