Summing it all up

Guess this is my last post for 2005. Wow, typing that I'm hit with the reality that indeed another whole year has gone by. I guess the old saying that time flies as you get older is painfully true. While I've only been blogging for a few (5-6 maybe) months I've gotten to know some fascinating people and had as much of a peek inside their lives as they care to share. In return I've done the same.

When I started this blog I had no idea how much fun it would be or how far I'd go in letting myself expose the mish mash of experiences that is my life. Sometimes sarcastic (OK mainly sarcastic) and sometimes sweet you've gotten the real me. To all of you who've found something redeeming (tolerable) enough to keep you coming back I thank you. It's been a fun ride.

I look forward to another year of sharing secrets, drama, gossip, and even the mundane aspects of our individual lives that bring us together for a few minutes once in a while.

In true Pookie fashion I am going to close this chapter with some of my bitchiest rants and most sincere raves of 2005. The ones that come to mind at least...

The Rants

George W. Bush: Abysmal failure as a leader and all around arrogant son of a bitch. Thank God there are only three (+) years left for him to deplete the credibility of the United States as the Land of the Free. As a Christian it's my duty to pray for him and I do. I pray that the man and his family remain safe, healthy and happy as a familial unit. That's about as much as I can muster up but it's sincere.

The AFA, Pat Robertson and all the other so called "Christians" : Those who spew venom from the pulpits and damn their brothers and sisters under the guise of Jesus name. These people are so filled with hatred and love for power that they are in fact driving people away from Christ. Stop being so damn nosey about what's happening in your neighbors bedrooms. If you're so damn curious about gay sex then hire yourself a same-sex prostitute and try it out. (If you haven't already) Otherwise shut the hell up and worry about your own damn household.

A Republican government & pseudo media " Platformed on corruption and greed: In 2005 the United States as a whole has seen an intentional flood of divisive and corruptive acts for the sole purpose of tearing this great country in half. For five very long, hard years they've used religion, morality and fear in order to influence the weak minded and turn them against one another. Fortunately, people have began to wise up and there appears to be an upswing towards true Democracy once again in America. To those who still buy into this bullshit - Wake up and make up your own damn mind for a change.

Senseless deaths & injury continue in Iraq: And for what? To speak out against this unholy war defines as a person as un-Patriotic and Anti-American to many of the Bush sheep. To question the reasoning behind keeping America's heroic troops in a literal bloodbath for no apparent reason is considered treason. If you don't have a yellow ribbon on your SUV then you don't support the US military? Mass political brainwashing has turned far too many Americans into cold and malicious, unfeeling shells of humans. God help us all. And to the first person that ever gets in my face and tries to stop me from executing my right to free speech you are in for one hell of an ass whooping.

Now on a less serious note:

Celebrities who jump on couches, preach morality, degrade women, gays, minorities, and then bitch about having their picture taken when they're picking their nose: Go fuck yourself. You can fall from fame just as quickly as you rose. Hollywood & New York are crawling with people who'd love to take your place. In fact, many of them are far more attractive and talented than you are. Get over your damn selves already. You wanted to be in the public eye and now you are. Be a role model -- not an asshole.

People who refer their biceps & triceps as guns: Oh. My. God. I appreciate a fine looking physique as much as the next fag (and being gay I reserve the right to call myself that) or girl but come on... calling your arms guns... it just sounds so low class. Just a pet peeve of mine. If my T ever asked me to look at his guns (which he'd never say) I would proceed to puke on his feet.

The obsession with six-pack abs: I don't get it all all. Personally I want a real man with some meat on his bones. Give me a real man who doesn't look like he hasn't eaten in months and then swallowed over sized ribs which settled in his belly. Gross, yech, pooh.

Blog wars: What the fuck is up with this? If someone doesn't want to read a blog then they shouldn't read it. If they don't like what someone has to say then go to another blog. It's quite simple really. You hit the little backwards arrow at the top of your screen and POOF you're gone. There is enough drama in real life without creating more. And there are plenty of blogs to appease anyone's appetite. So stop whining and bitching about someone else's blog and move on ya big losers.

People late for appointments: I hope that everyone reading this will make a point to be five minutes EARLY the next time you have to be somewhere. Unless there is a fire, death, illness, or accident I don't want to hear your excuses. You don't have any. And neither do I if I am late.

Counting Carbs: Sweet baby Jesus in the green grass just eat a bagel once in a while. It won't kill you. The whole obsession with refined sugars...bleached flour...etc... makes me insane. Moderation is the key to everything. Remember that while you're enjoying a fresh, hot homemade biscuit with butter & honey.

The Raves

Blogging: I've met so many interesting people since I started blogging. I've laughed, learned, gasped and even shed a tear over some of the posts I've read. The whole concept remains fascinating to me and I thank everyone out there who has opened up and shared a little bit of them with me.

Freedom: As much as so many would like to see it stripped away we in the USA are still a free people. There are legal limitations and restrictions -- some good some not so good -- but overall we're still very lucky.

HRC: Fighting for the rights of the GLBT community.

ACLU: Protecting the civil rights of all Americans.

NARAL: Securing the rights of Women.

Freespeech.org: And alternative to spoon fed media crap.

PBS: Of the people...For the people

My T: The most awesome guy in the world. I love ya, baby.

And a huge thanks to all of you who continue to stop by and read my rants, raves, mindless dribble and weak attempt at humor. You rock!

My sincere wishes to all for a happy, safe, loving and healthy new year.

See ya next year!


Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Happy New Year, Pookie! Huggers!

doris said...

You have some most redeeming characteristics Pookie! Namely that you care, and share, are humane and basically a good timekeeper with an eye for the beautiful things in life ;-)

May you and T have a wonderful and loving and happy and satisfying 2006.

Hugs from the other side of the pond!

The Dangerous Man said...

It seems like you have had quite a year Pookie. Lets hope that it continues throughout 2006!

Hope you and T have a good one!

Hikaru said...

I second the rant on "guns." It sounds asinine.

Happy New Year, Pookie!

Scotty said...

I remember some of thise rants. Great reflective post!

Rob said...

Hey Pookie...what a great site, man! I'm adding you to my blogroll...just incredibly fantastic is what you are. You hit the nail on the head with your rants and raves. I agree with all of them - wholeheartedly.

Happy New Year to you - and many more to come. I will be making your site a regular stop on my daily visits. Thanks bud.


Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD! We need more True Christian™ warriors like you spreading the WORD and working up hatred against th' evil libruls.

Mrs. Judy O'Christian

Qivan said...

Pookie, Happy New Year to you as well. Have been ignoring my own blog as well as others during the holidays, but I always enjoy what you have to say. Love the "eat a bagel line!.