I've thought long and hard about my choices (sometimes in the shower...sometimes at my desk ---KIDDING) but I've made my decisions and they are final. I've broken them into categories which may or may not only make sense to me but what the hell it's my awards. That said here they are (in no particular order or fashion) for your viewing pleasure:

Most Thought Provoking Blogs: Hikaruland, Petunia McGillicuddy, Bougie Black Boy, Gran's On Bran, Swim Pig

Blogger(s) I'd love to meet for coffee or dinner & solve the world's problems with: Petunia McGillicuddy, Doris, Purple Twinkie, Swim Pig, Mr. Brian, Scott M, Mikell

Blogger(s) I'd Most Like To Meet For Drinks: Hikaru, Micah, Jay, Ben, Brett Cajun, Scotty, Sangroncito

Blogger(s) I'd Get Drunk & Dance On Tables With With If I met For Drinks: Hikaru, Micah, Jay, Brett Cajun, Scotty, Cola Boy, That Matt Guy

Blogger(s) I'd Like To Get In Trouble I With After Drinks If I Were Single: Hikaru, Moby, Brett Cajun, Ben (I feel so cheap & dirty.... Well, actually I don't)

Blogger That Always Makes Me Laugh Out Loud: Micah

Most Original Blogger Contest - Brett Cajun

Most Memorable (albeit somewhat frightening) Blog Post Of 2005: Mooncup Review by Doris

Best Blog Special Project (even thought I'm too chicken to participate) : HNT

Sweetest & Most Sincere Bloggers: PurpleTwinkie, Mr. Brian, Ethan, Doris

Most Interesting New Experiment: The 'Living Online' Experiment

Blogger With The Most Exotic Life: Sangroncito

Cutest Blog Couple Couple: Jay & Qboi

Blog Couple(s) Most Likely To See Their 15th Anniversary: Jay & Qboi / Scotty & Joel

Best Blogger Ass: Brett Cajun, Ethan, T (not that you'll ever see it)

Bitchiest Blogger(s) (and I mean this as a compliment): Micah, GayMadHousewife, EllaM, Cola Boy

Blogger(s) That Screams Raw Sex: Moby, Hikaru, Brett Cajun and my T (of course)

Blogger(s) If I could jump through the screen and hug this moment I would: Purple Twinkie, Petunia McGillicuddy

Favorite Post From My Own Blog In 2005: Barebacking 101

Edited 1/6/05: Blogger with that I'd not heard of until today but has "You GO girl" moxy & a great name : Badaunt.


The Dangerous Man said...

Oooh! excellent, I'm mentioned 3 times.

Thanks Pookie, dont forget that whenever you manage to get over to England you give me a call hahaha.

Happy new year!

ella m. said...

I'm not THAT bitchy.....(I'm lying.)

Thanks for a very lovely compliment and it is nice to see you updating more regularly again. :D

See? As long as you are nice and intelligent I'm polite as punch. ~evil villanous laugh~ :D

Scotty said...

Oh wow...Thx for the love baby! MMMMwwwah!

Ethan said...

WOW! thanks for the honor!! Now those are some fun categories!!

Mr. Brian said...

Awwww, I got selected for two categories! Thank you! No acceptance speech because I was totally unprepared! But thanks again!

doris said...

Oh I love it! I love it so much I had to get dressed up and work on my acceptance speech. Thank you, thank you :-)

Alexander said...

Yay, I have awards, I feel wanted! Especially after winning the 'Most Interesting New Experiment' Award :P Thanks for the support btw, I'm currently digging my own hole to swallow me up as the earth hasn't done it for me yet :P

Really enjoy reading your blog and yes, I'm holding you to drinks when you get around to coming over to the UK.

Qivan said...

Thanks Pookie, you picked the perfect place for me. You could have a new career as planning seating arrangements at dinner parties.

Hikaru said...

I'm going to have my Julia Roberts-at-the-Oscars moment. Or is it Matthew Rush and the GayVNs?


The invitation is always open to get drunk and dance on tables.

MiKell said...

I think that means I'm way to serious.

And, huh?, you don't think TheHusband and I will make it another 1.5 years together?


cola boy said...

Wow! How wonderful! I am so honored to be chosen for some of the categories...am I really that bitchy? Cool!

I am working towards world whirled peas, and my goal is to become a vetrinarian because I love children.


Crankyboy said...

I didn't make the list?! How about crankiest blogger?

Micah said...

NO one did the "You like me! you REALLY like me!!!" speech?! Bad Gays! BAAADDD GAAAYYYSS!!!!

Well, I'd like to thank all the little people (anyone under 5'3" (that includes my mother)), the film 'Funny Girl' for showing me that life is ONLY about updos, songs and eyeshadow and Pookie for these fabulous Awards.

...we do get actual awards...don't we?


Petunia McGillicuddy said...

thanks pookie! you are the blogger i would most want to crank call the white house with!!

Badaunt said...

Well, now I'm all hurt and upset because I didn't win anything. I NEVER win anything.

Who are you, anyway? I hopped here via Gran's on Bran (of the mysterious apostrophe). I didn't expect to be insulted by following a link, but here I am, insulted. Can't you give me a 'most unknown blog I'd never heard of of the year' award, or something?

(I bet nobody ever used a sentence that had two ofs in a row in it before on your blog, either. AND it made sense, if you read it fast. Maybe you could give me an award for that?)


OH MY GAWD!!!! I just noticed your blogger awards 5 days after you posted it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!THANK YOU!!!! That warmed my heart boo. SMOOCH! BIG HUG!

Badaunt said...

Hey, I've figured out how this whole award thing works. You don't just sit back and wait politely to be noticed. You get RUDE. You DEMAND an award.

It really works!

Now, what to wear, what to wear...?

Moby said...

I'd like to thank the academy and all the middle men I had to blow to get this award! I couldn't have made it w/o you.


doris said...

Badaunt - you must surely win the Ultimate Chutzpah prize for balls, cheek, stroppiness and success! And you managed a real sentence with "of of" in it!! That beats any sentence (or is it sentance?) with "do do" in it! I take my glitzy wrap off to you in sheer admiration. Congratulations to you on your prize wrenched from the hands of an unsuspecting Pookie :-)

(Yes, I'm a lazy cow and wrote the same message on my blog too!)

Sangroncito said...

Can you believe I just saw this post over one month later (today is Feb. 3rd...) Thank you!