Christmas came & went....but I didn't

Hard to believe that another Christmas (or whatever you choose to call the season) is over. For me it was a lovely time spent with friends at parties & dinners and & an early family celebration as T & I stayed home while my mom, sister and brother-in-law went to Atlanta. On Christmas eve I out did myself in the kitchen with the perfect Chicken Wellington. I believe I've cooked more in the last month than in the 11 months preceding. T got a home cooked meal and I have tons of ammunition for eating out in the near future.

Aside from a nasty cold for a couple of days and an ugly back injury repeating itself for a few days it was a great time.

T continues to amaze me with his gay-gene development (albeit latent) in home decorating abilities. I was surprised Christmas morning with a huge round wall clock which I loved. He was afraid I wouldn't like it but it's perfect. Just perfect. Hanging it lead to re-arranging furniture, changing drapes in the living & dining rooms, and moving around some art & rugs. All this for a simple clock! He was a good sport and helped me take down all the Christmas decorations and putting the house back together. This is the first time that I've rearranged furniture in the living area of the new house so it was a lot of fun for me. For T it was a labor of love I suppose. He also got me some cooking appliances & gadets that I am in love with as well. Awesome loot this year.

So with my back out there were no bedroom acrobatics. This I plan to make up for this very soon. Very soon indeed.

New Years Eve has always found the annual party at our house. Much to the dismay of our friends it ain't gonna happen this year. We've thrown two huge (expensive) soirees this year for our respective 40th birthdays and weren't up to another one just yet. Let someone else host the party! Actually, we'll probably take dinner out and then back home with a movie or two and in bed early.

With the New Year around the corner I've been thinking of a few personal resolutions for 2006. The problem with this is that I don't do "authority" even if it's self imposed and "resolution" sounds to me like an order. Example: I'd last about 1 minute in the military with someone barking instructions or orders at me before cussing someone out and being shot for my impertinence. The same goes for any job I've ever held. No one "tells" me what to do. If I know ahead of time what's required of me then I do it and do it well but put it in writing and come see me when it's done. I'm always open to suggestion and I work (play) well with others but the whole superiorirty thing don't fly with me. My philosophy is that no matter how rich, powerful, educated, etc... someone is they are still going to have to take a shit in the mornings and they will eventually die just like everyone else. Any job interview I've ever had I've shared the above philosophy pretty much verbatim so there's never any surprises down the road with me.

Anyhoo back to the resolution issue: I don't make them. Why would I give myself a list of commands when I won't follow someone else's? So this year I am going to make up a new program all together and suggest that all the other strong-willed people out there do the same.

Pookies Gentle Suggestions For Self Improvement In 2006

1) I'd really like to quit smoking. It's bad for me and quite frankly I'm tired of it.

2) I feel that I'd be a happier person by losing 20 pounds. I'm happy with myself in my current skin but there is always room for slight improvement.

3) By organizing my life..Paperwork..Household...I'll have more time to spend on myself. Maybe I'll look into making some changes.

4) Once upon a time I enjoyed going to the gym on a regular basis. I get fast results when I do go and perhaps in 2006 I'll make this a regular part of my life. (Note: I did not say routine as it sounds too bossy)

5) In 2006 I could see myself putting more into investments for the future.

6) Also in 2006, If I squint while looking into my crystal ball, I can almost see myself either going back to school part-time or taking online classes to finally (eventually) get a Masters.

7) If I were a bit wiser I'd compose a list of films, music, & books that I'd like to entertain myself. Maybe I'll check into this as well.

8) Over the years I've much more understanding and patient. I hope this continue into 2006.

9) Something I enjoy doing but don't do as much as I'd like it to hand write letters to friends and family abroad. Without saying that I resolve to do more in 2006 I'll say that I can see myself stocking up on stationary and stamps --- just in case.

10) If I were a better blogger I'd update more frequently and regularly. Seeing as I'm not the kind of person who takes kindly to harsh suggestions or criticism I'll ignore that out-of-nowhere remark and pencil in a sweet reminder in my day planner to "update when I have time and the mood strikes".

There ya have it, my non-resolutions for 2006. I'd love to see your lists -- but only if you feel like doing it and can make the time.

Hugs, cheers and love in 2006 to all!

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Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Pookie it's funny, I think you and I are a lot alike in some ways. I don't make resolutions either because they seem so tiresome! The minute something isn't fun, or the minute I feel I HAVE to do something, I don't want to do it.