Long time no update....

It's been a crazy few weeks for me. The holidays being in full swing...Fiscal year end at work...and wrapping up 2005 in preparation for the new year have kept Pookie a busy boy.

I've managed to read all my favorite blogs and squeeze in the occasional reply but updating my own site has taken a back seat.

First the rant: I am so pissed right now at a friend of mine that I can't see straight. She is a self-made, powerhouse of a woman that I've known for 10 years now. She has a big heart and can be a really sweet person but she's so damn single focused that she can come across as rude and arrogant to those who don't really know her. It's this "one way mode" that she gets in that's made me so mad. Sometimes (OK often) she'll just pop off and say something without thinking of how to word what she's trying to say and it comes out very negative. I've bailed her ass out of situations many times doing damage control but I've decided that the next time she's on her own. Next time that mouth of hers gets her into trouble with the wrong person I am not cleaning up her mess. She knows better than to pop off to me because I will damn sure call her on it. But people who aren't used to her can get hurt. That's the case this evening. Sorry "X", but you're on your own for a while. Eventually I'll toss ya a paddle cause that's the kind of guy I am but not until you've learned a long overdue lesson.

I feel better now.

Rave I: I am so psyched about the holidays this year. Starting with Thanksgiving it's truly "felt" like a holiday season. The smells, sights and sounds have stirred up something in me that I've not felt in a long time. I plan on taking every emotion and making this a memorable season.

Rave II: The Victoria's Secret fashion show is on tonight. No, I've not forgotten that I'm gay. I just get a tremendous jolt watching all the attitude and energy in a VS show. CBS -10:00 EST if anyone else cares.

Rave III: I am 99% done with my holiday shopping and about 1/2 done wrapping. From here out it's all about me. I found myself an amazing little Hilfiger number off the clearance rack for the casual cocktail parties. Slacks & sweater in matching Burgundy. With a fresh sprayed tan and my best highlights ever (thanks Todd - my new hairdresser) I look pretty damn hot. Heading over to the coast this weekend for a party and for once know what to wear. Hell yes.

Rave IV: Bold & The Beautiful (one of my guilty pleasures) is better than ever. The show has broached the subject of a lesbian couple (even though there is no Lesbian couple) with resident bitch and family matriarch Stephanie Forrester thinking her long, lost daughter is gay. Even better she is totally cool with it. I'm almost thinking that Stephanie will be upset when she finds out Felicia isn't gay. Hats off to a soap for showing a pro-gay parent.

Rave V: Saw the new Harry Potter and loved it. And this week is the release of Brokeback Mountain. KNOW that I will be in the theater as soon as humanly possible. Gay cowboys...gotta love it.

Well, I've bitched a bit, spread some holiday joy and plugged a lingerie show so my work is done for the night. Hopefully, I'll be able to update regularly in the near future. Meanwhile check your stats and you'll see that I've been to your blog. I may not always leave a reply but I'm loving on ya all the same.



The Dangerous Man said...

Pookie darling,

You return with a bundle of excitement. I couldn't stop laughing at "With a fresh sprayed tan and my best highlights ever" - it doesn't matter where you go, us gays are all the same.
Oh and the weird thing about Harry Potter is that it actually happens in England, right down to the weird goblins. Strange eh?

Mr. Brian said...

long time no see. about time. :)

Micah said...

Okay, if there were an "email me" link on your sidebar I would have emailed you. WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD BITCH!!!

Glad to hear you're not.

and that you reminded me about the Victoria Secret Show. It's Tyra's runway farewell, I gotta watch it!

Qivan said...

You're back! I thought you'd given up on this. Highlights and a spray tan, yes you are a Kinsey 6 homo.

Ghone said...

Glad you're back dude!

cola boy said...

I'm gald you're back, pookie!