Twice in one day. Now I'm lucky for once a month.

Regarding posts and sex in that particular order.

I'm feeling like sharing (boring) my readers with some highlights of yesterday and my plans for the next few days so here it is:

Rant: I really don't have one. Either I took too much Xanax by mistake and nothing could penetrate my last nerve or my life is too good to be true.

Rave I: I let go of the tizzy that my friend put me in. She was being a bitch (and not the kind I admire though she does possess that ability) and I let it get to me. She's constantly getting herself into trouble with that mouth of hers and she always will. It's not going to change and even with her faults she is still my friend. I will, however, make her bail her own ass out of trouble the next time something happens to teach her a lesson. Then I'll tell her why I did it. Perhaps she'll grow as a person for it. If not it will be fun just to see her squirm.

Rave II: I received in the mail from Netflix the Point Pleasant series disc 3 which brought closure to the show for me. I was livid when Fox canceled the series. They stopped airing Point Pleasant with 4 remaining shows left. For God sake why do networks do this? Anyway, I had a PP marathon last night and was able to see how things unfolded. Shocking, creative and furious is all I can say. Still pissed that it was axed but at least I know now how things played out.

Rave III: I am 100% done with Christmas shopping. And yes I said "Christmas." I really don't give a shit if it isn't PC. It's always been Christmas to me and it always will. That said I greet all strangers and friends who I know are Jewish...Agnostic...Muslim...etc... with Happy Holidays so as not to offend. And the cards that I mail out are all "Holiday" in nature so as not to offend. But "I" celebrate Christmas. Anyway, the shopping is done and by next week with a click of the mouse I can transfer funds to pay off my credit card. So it's all paid for. Yippee! All I have to do is wrap what needs wrapping and I'm done.

Rave IV: Heading over to my sisters house over at the Island for her annual Christmas party. We're leaving tonight after T gets off work and coming back Sunday. It should be a fun party and I plan on doing some antique shopping while there. I have to buy myself a little sumthin sumthin ya know. If it's not raining I want to walk on the beach. I love walking the beach when it's cold. Such a contradiction to me...the beach...cold...Hell, I'm even going to pack the perfect sweater I bought a couple of years ago just for cool weather beach walking.

Rave V: I made 4 batches of Chex Mix last night. I really hate messing up my kitchen (thus the reason I prefer to eat out) but it was actually fun. A few years back I bought these amazing commercial non-stick pans (huge bastards) and could cook a double batch in each one. Glory!

Rave VI: My tan lasted over a week last time. CJ has perfected the formula for my skin tone and adjusted it for Todd's highlights. Unf-ing believe results. I'm a happy boy.

Rave VII: I found THE sexiest damn shirt for this weekends party. It's a Kenneth Cole black pullover with a low V-neck and get this...black velvet on the cuffs and collar. OMG. Now I just have to find the right slack to wear with it. And then which cologne to adorn myself with. Something wintry & spicy.....and the winner will likely be Romeo Gigli. Damn I love that stuff.

Rave VIII: Joined the gym. Actually I told T to get me a membership for my stocking and he did but I got it early. I went yesterday and it was nice being back. I'm so looking forward to Yoga and thinking about Pilates as well. We sail on February 6th for a week and I need a somewhat "bathing suit ready" body for the trip. A month & 1/2 of gym and a month of starvation should do the trick. I hope.

So that's all folks. I am going to leave you with a little holiday eye candy from my proverbial table (I wish) to yours.

Bon Appetit you horny boys & girls!


Hikaru said...

My god, you're finished? I haven't even started!


The ONLY time I ever really get my ass into gear (in the gym) is when I have a trip to look forward to. Sadly, I am letting myself pig out all this week because I have no future trips. I am glad you got all your Christmas shopping done. I haven't done ANY SHOPPING yet. I always wait until the last minute.

The Dangerous Man said...

I too have finished, but I finished in November.
That picture on your blog scares me. I'm so skinny and er hum... slender, that if he lay on me I'd be squashed to death.

Danger Mouse said...

I haven't even started yet, can't be bothered with all congestion in the shops and the queues!

doris said...

"I found THE sexiest damn shirt for this weekends party. It's a Kenneth Cole black pullover with a low V-neck and get this...black velvet on the cuffs and collar."

Oh wow! You know I'd have to be stroking you in sheer delight and appreciation. My hubby loks fantastic in a polo neck so if I could find such a top with the velvet collar and cuffs I'd be in a paralytic heaven. In fact I must go do some chores and will look out for such a confection ;-)

Phew! It sure is hot round here!

Wenchy said...

Hey. Jumped here from some other blog to some other blog...

I wish I was as dedicated to do the gym and starvation thing trip or no trip. You have my respect!

Glad I found your blog.. enjoyed it... and the guy in the pic ain't too shabby either. LOL

Ghone said...

Great photo!
Are you wishing that he empties his sack all over your carpet?!?!