Computer Demons Get Thee Behind Me

This morning something really bizarre has happened. I can't access the sites of some of my favorite bloggers. It is only happening with those who have their own domain and run their blogs from their site. Purpletwinkie, BratBoy, Jay: I adore you guys but some evil homophobic Demon is preventing me from accessing your sites. I've restarted the modem, the router, called the Cable company, lay hands on the computer and tried faith healing...all to no avail. My next step is to either call Robert Tilton & Benny Hinn and ask that the Demons be cast out and that my computer be "hee-yalled in the name of Jeeze-us! Amen." If you boys don't see me posting at your sites it's because of them demons n' things.

My next computer drama is that I cannot figure out how Blogroll works. I set up an account, copy/pasted all the goodies into my template, and nothing happens. Now I am pretty behind the times with all this technical stuff (I don't even own a PDA *GASP* I still use a Franklin Day Planner and a pen) so any suggestions for this dumb blonde would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note having nothing to do with demons, computers, or Geek stuff... I'm glad some of ya'll enjoyed my satirical post yesterday. Once upon a time I wrote a lot of satire, mainly religious, and it was fun getting back into that frame of mind. Besides, it gave me an excuse to post two really hot, naked men on a horse.

Update: It's a meer-a-cal! My computer is hee-yalled! Hallee-looya! All I had to do was think of our fearless leader....man of Gawd, truth, justice, and Patriotism, George W. Bush and the demons were cast out. (Much like our relations with all other civilized nations. All cast out.)

Not sure what the trouble was but it's gone and I can see your lovely faces (hot bodies) and read your words of wisdom (dirty tales) without trouble.


purpletwinkie said...

Peek-a-boo! I can see YOU!

Not sure why you can't see me??

The Dangerous Man said...

I can see you, looks like you got it sorted in the end though.

Fancy meeting up to see if we can have some chicken.
I feel like chicken tonight.

MiKell said...

blogrolling wasn't working this morning for everyone, not just you.

You are normal, really... you are. I promise.

Scotty said...

I love the post yesterday...so much that I put it in my YOU GOTTA READ link on my sidebar. WAY too funny.

Tomas said...

ooh.... if yr sure it was dubya that pulled yr computer up... you might start writing in cryptograms... yr probably bugged.....
(mikell..... you sure about that last part?)
{just kidding pookie}

hbjock said...

Hahhahah those pics are too hilarious!!!!

It's not really good though that you weren't able to view those sites... especially since I've created my own site as well ;)

Oh well.. I hope that your computer and your internet connection starts being friendly again. I know mine cuts out several times during the day. I called the company and they said they've been having trouble with Hawai'i and they're working on it... lovely. =)

The Great Cranky One said...

Girl you crack me up!!!

All I can think of is the scene in the exorcist with the crucifix!! going "LICK ME!!! LICK ME!!!"

there you have it the thoughts of a sociopathic social climbing drag queen.

-The Great Cranky One.