Turn it off? If you insist.

TV-Turnoff Week 2006
So I've received all the emails from those with good intentions and followed the media hoopla surrounding this campaign and decided to do my part. I can do this - I just know it.

For the entire week I am not going to watch Fox News. OK - so I never watch this mind fuck of a channel in the first place. But I know that there are people who do. That's why I feel it is my duty to encourage anyone capable of thinking for themselves to join me in Turning off Fox News forever.

Don't we see and hear enough bullshit on a daily basis as it is? Do we really need to have it spoon fed to us under the guise of a legitimate news channel? You decide -- if you can that is.

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Sangroncito said...

Fox News should be on Channel 666...it is evil!