Home sweet home

OK - so it's been a month since I've posted an update. The only excuse I have is that I've been super busy and there hasn't been anything earth-shattering to report. Work is good - my team is being left alone by PP#1 - and we're in full swing for the spring season. Life in the office has been pretty sweet actually.

I've been spending a lot of time working in the yard and around the house in general. Two days went to organizing my dresser and part of my closet. I still have a good day straightening out hanging clothes and removing coat hangers by the hundreds. Those things really must breed! And I broke down and bought a new dishwasher because I hated the one that I picked out when we built.

For two weeks T had a terrible bacterial-sinus infection thing that he brought back from a trip to West Virginia. About the time he started feeling better I caught it and am just now starting to feel human again. Thank God for anti-biotics and orange juice! At the peak of my misery I actually wrote T a thank you note for the "lovely gift" he gave me. It was my little way of making him feel guilty and it worked. And it was quite funny... During this week of hell we had company from Atlanta visiting. My old friend and her husband and 1 y.o. boy came for the weekend and it was really nice. They came down to tour the University Law School and the hubby decided after 1 day that this was where he'd get his law degree. The best part is that they are renting a house in my neighborhood for 3 years. It will be great to have my girlfriend and her family so close by.

On Easter Sunday I actually hid plastic eggs in the yard and had T look for them. I know...I know...It's stupid but it was fun. He just never knows what to expect from me. It was really cute and I took pictures of him walking around the back yard with his basket. Of course I've been forbidden from sharing these but trust me...They are cute.

During the whole funeral trip time I basically ignored my investment accounts. Imagine my surprise when one of my stocks, NABI, I'd bought 6 months ago at $3.06 (down from $23 after a failed FDA trial phase) started making a profit. Overall I'm up an average 42% in my portfolio and am on the hunt for another good Biotech stock which has taken a big hit.

One of office mates, CW#2, just returned from a week cruise on Celebrity and now I'm getting the bug again....Big time. What I'd give to be on a ship right this minute drinking my coffee on the balcony looking at the blue seas....The destination really doesn't matter - I just want to be cruising! I'm feeling a visit to the Royal Caribbean web site coming on....

Well, I have exactly 40 minutes before I need to be in the office and I better get running. It's going to take me 30 minutes just to decide what to wear!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'll be hitting your blogs from the office.




cola boy said...

Glad you are back. I was a bit worried seeing no updates on your site. :-)

Scotty said...

He lives! He lives...in the Spriti fo Easter...Pookie has resurrected!

Glad you guys had a nice time hunting eggs...sounds like fun...even grin for next year!

Danger Mouse said...

Glad to hear you had a good Easter holiday.

'Cruzing' is great in the local club I go to most weekends! Lol! Great looking boys! Or is that a different type of cruising?
; )

Sangroncito said...

Whew...I was worried about you! You need to stay far away from West Virginia!
House looks good. I wish some of my stocks would take off! (actually my oil stocks are doing very well thanks to high pump prices).

The Dangerous Man said...

Good to see you're back, was getting a little worried there!

Seems the house is very, erm, desperate housewives.


Micah said...

Good to hear from you! Glad to hear all is well.

NOW I have to go look at The Princess Cruises website because you have inspired/reminded me I need to go on a cruise again too!

Spider said...

Glad you are back - was getting worried - what a beautiful house - thanks for sharing! Enjoy your upcoming week...

Pookie65 said...

Awww, ya'll are so sweet! I really am trying to do better keeping up with my blog -- just a lot of stuff going on.

Cola - You're so sweet always checkin in on me. I'll shoot ya an email soon about meeting for drinks in June.

Scotty - Huggers to ya, babe! Everything is OK just super-sized busy these days.

Mouse - LOL! Cruising doesd take on differnt meanings doesn't it? One can do both actually....

Sangrocito - I've made a killing on RES, another oil company. I can honestly say that that my earnings offset the rising costs. Love the San Fran updates on your blog BTW.

Dangerous - You crack me up. Truth be known Bree Van de Kamp would love it here. Plenty of gossip over the fences and lots of scandal behind closed doors! And BTW, honey, your "Sundae" updates are very errrrr.... enlightening.

Micah - OMG I'd love to be on the same ship as you. I'd have to have double Botox injections when I got back on shore to fill in the laugh lines. Hugs!

Spider - Thanks for the kind words. We absloutely love this house and consider ourselves very blessed to live here. Hope you can make it for drinks when we meet up with Cola!

Badaunt said...

I'm kind of glad you were away for a while - I haven't been reading blogs AT ALL, and now I'll NEVER catch up! Seeing only three in Bloglines for you I decided you were a good one to start with. (Or actually to finish with - I'm off to bed in a minute.)

Thank you for your lovely comment on the latest photo story, btw. I was feeling a bit grumpy at relgious types when I wrote it, and after I'd posted it worried that I'd offended a whole bunch of my readers. I knew you'd appreciate it, though!

Badaunt said...

Oh, and also...

I wanted to express my admiration for your success in the stock market. You clever thing!