Spring has arrived

I couldn't believe how long has passed since I last posted. In short everything has been going well for the past two weeks but I've thrown myself into many projects at work and at home which have kept me quite busy.

So far things in the office are moving along at a calm pace. No interference from #2 PP has made working there enjoyable once again. So far my other two team members have decided to stay and I have made a firm commitment to #1 PP that I would stay on until the project was completed out. Being in the office has actually been a joy once again.

Since my brothers passing things on the home front have returned to normal as well. My mom and sister still have their moments when the last of the sympathy cards come in but overall they are doing great. My mom has her close friends here who keep her busy and like myself she has taken on the task of preparing our back yards for the new season.

Mom and I both decided to have trees installed in memory of those who've recently passed. From death comes new life is our motto. It's been bittersweet watching as trees & shrubs are delivered and our respective gardens fall into place.

Until yesterday my own back yard has looked like a neglected and unused park. The waist high pockets of weeds and strewn fallen limbs are now gone. The patio has been blown off and all of the roses, shrubs, trees, and remaining flower beds have been pruned & fertilized. And 40 pounds of fertilizer has been put out on the lawn. It actually is starting to look pretty good back there. I told T yesterday that I wasn't afraid to walk back there now.

On Friday we went to Lowe's and picked up 10 bags of pine bark to replenish the beds and pathways. So far we've put three out and the seven in the back of my car has it smelling like a forest. I almost hate to take them out. There is something so earthy and alive about the smell of pine bark. But I cannot drive around with this forever so this morning (when T FINALLY gets up) we are going to finish the job.

There are still so many things left to do but I've enjoyed it and the end result is worthy all of the sweat and sore muscles in the long run. Hell, just being able to walk back there makes it all worth it.

OK, so there was one glitch in my weekend project and that would be the Red-Belly Black Snake that I had a run in with yesterday. I despise snakes. The only thing snake is good for is when they are turned into a belt or pair of shoes. And I am not in the business of making either. Needless to say Mr. Snake and Mr. Shovel went to battle and Mr. Shovel won. RIP, Mr. Snake.

I have another interesting bit of news to share but first a little history. My mother, bless her heart, at 5'7 can't weigh more than 107 pounds soaking wet. Sadly I did not inherit her metabolism. During times of stress she loses her appetite and simply doesn't eat like she should. Well, this worries not just me but her doctor as well. So I've made a deal with my mother. If she will gain at least 5 pounds by my birthday in June I will stop smoking. This is going to take a lot of work on both our parts as she is going to have to force herself to eat and take supplements and I am going to have deal with giving up a nasty habit I've had for 25 years. God help us both! I really would like to quit smoking and now I have the motivation I've been looking for. Wish us both luck. We have a long 3 months ahead of us.

Well, I am going to close with letting everyone know that I'll be dropping by your blogs in the morning. I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to and naturally will have something profound to add in your comment sections.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


doris said...

Good luck on giving up the smoking .... and maybe you can help T to give up too! ;-)

What a great incentive for you and your mum to make that extra effort to do what is good for yourselves.

I think we in the blog world have all been mega busy and not getting round our favourite blogs. So much going on. This December is going to make for some interesting reviews of the year.

The Dangerous Man said...

Wow, I didn't know you smoked. Thta tells me a lot about you. I bet when you was younger you was a little camp gay boy taking all sorts of narcotics in clubs.

You only live once I suppose.

Good luck matey!

Badaunt said...

Ooh, big changes ahead, eh? I don't know if your mother will be able to force herself to eat, though. I also can't eat a lot when I'm under stress, and in my experience trying just makes me throw up. But maybe she will be over the worst by your birthday anyway. June is still three months away...

But five pounds is... let me see ... 2 and a half kilos. That's quite a lot. You might be able to escape your scary fate yet!

Mr. Brian said...

I think that's a healthy-sounding and well-intentioned compromise. Hope it goes well for both of you.

BTW, how much persuasion will it take for you to review my book on Amazon, B&N, And Yahoo!?

ella m. said...

Good luck to both of you...the end result will definately justify the stress of the quitting process. :)

Sangroncito said...

Pookie, I'm just catching up on my blog reading...I'm here late, but my condolences are heart-felt. I lost a brother, too. Many hugs (and happy Spring), Sangroncito

Hikaru said...

Welcome back!

Sangroncito said...

Pookie....Pookie...where are you???

Danger Mouse said...

Didn't know you smoked Pookie, hope you quit for good and your Mum gains the five pounds.

Good luck both of you.

doris said...

Hello there Pookie and T

Hope you are both keeping well and are delightfully busy. I am finally just managing to catch up and so blog visiting a few a day.

Sending you love and hugs and hope you are cracking the smoking thing.

(Monday 17 April)

purpletwinkie said...

Oh Lord, smoking for 25 years!!? Please stop. Never too late to stop. If I can help you in any way just ask. Or I'm on a plane to come kick your butt... That's a threat...but then again, maybe you're into that...