Funniest sh*t ever

OK folks, the Worlds Sexiest Cajun, Brett, is having a naughty little blogger contest. I can't begin to explain it (being a natural..uhhh..blonde and all) so you have to visit his blog and see for yourself. I'm reaching way back into the past and going to re-learn Paint Shop so I can contribute myself. Word of warning....no one who is a blogger buddy of mine is safe. No one. (insert evil laugh)

Prolific quote of the day:

"He must have had a magnificent build before his stomach went in for a career of its own." - Margaret Halsey


Alexander said...

I look forward to seeing myself included on your behalf :P Rest assured anything you produce will be re-published on my own blog :D

Scotty said...

I can't WAIT to see it. I work diligently on mine. What a hoot!


I am anxiously waiting to see what you come up with Pookie! Be careful.. I think I had temporary carpal tunnel syndrome last night after meticulously cropping so many heads!