I am so copy/pasting this from Petunia

"You know how everyone is passing around those 5 question polls? Well, I'm gonna do one right here. Ok, so please answer the questions right here in the comments section.C'mon, everyone now. You can even lie if you want, we'll never know!" - Petunia McGillicuddy

1. what are the regulars on your grocery list?

skim milk, Baked Cheetoes, sharp cheddar, Fat-Free Saltines, organic spring mix salad greens, Kibbles n' Bits, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch cereal, Cocoa Pebbles cereal, Marlboro Lights Box

2. what is your real middle name?


3. what song brings you back to your childhood, and what is the memory it brings you back to?

THE HOUSE SONG - Peter, Paul and Mary - This song reminds me of when my sister was still living at home and her friends would come over and we'd all eat Charles Chips potato chips from the can. I was maybe 5-6 but I remember well dancing around to this song and helping paint flowers on my sister and her friends cheeks with eye liner. (They wanted to be hippies)

4. what does the headline on your local newspaper say today?

Well, my stupid paper carrier didn't bring me a paper today so I have no idea. I did check the news in Yahoo and it was "BUSH/CHENEY RESIGN UNDER PRESSURE" ...oh wait I'm dreaming...

5. who was the last person you kissed?

Gee, it was either my mom on the cheek or my honey on the cheek.


Petunia McGillicuddy said...

you seem like a Maurice!

The Dangerous Man said...

Baked Cheeto's???!!

Ewww, are those them Walkers things that have more E numbers and flavourings in than a gay night clubbing?

I'm ashamed!

Here have an apple.

doris said...

LOL to what Jay has commented! I'm surprised you bother with the organic salad greens in amongst the ciggies and the cereals! ;-)

Your childhood memory sounds wonderful :-)

I can't do this 5 things as I am still coyly protecting my anonymity and I have a unique middle name - a la Rumplestiltskin so that's why I'm giving it a miss. (xxxx billions of people in this world and I'm worrying that someone will recognise me by my middle name LOL) But you never know, I might change my mind :-) BTW - my beloved Mr Doris has a middle name very similar to yours!