Procrastination bit me and now it's infected

There seems to be too few days in the week..hours in the day... and so little time. That is of course if one spends 75% of their "at home" time in front a computer playing games or reading/writing blogs. So last week I took a good long look at what needed to be done around the house and made myself a list. In order to shame myself into completing my list I'm going to post all of my chores and indicate when they are completed.

1) Paint the Owner's Suite = DONE

2) Rearrange the furniture in above room = DONE

3) Buy new lamps for the same = DONE (twice as I bought a pair & hated them and then spent 6 hours yesterday looking for something that works in the room -- Yay! They look great)

4) Call cable company and have the alternate cable outlet activated to accommodate new furniture placement = DONE (called them as soon as I typed it - Damn, this is working already)

5) Finish hanging pictures, buying/placing new accessories = DONE

6) Prune, fertilize, and dead head rose bushes = DONE (after putting it off for 3 weeks)

7) Give topiaries on front porch a haircut = DONE (they were beginning to look like Don King)

8) Pull weeds in flower beds and spray weed killer in front & rear yard = DONE

So far it looks like I'm doing pretty good. You're thinking "What is this guy talking about? He is on fire!" Well, keep reading my little friends....

9) Buy fertilizer for palms, new trees, and shrubs. Then actually put it out as opposed to letting it sit in the garage for two months like the rose fertilizer. = 1/2 DONE

10) Edge flower beds in rear yard and by fencing = 1/2 DONE (have a neighbor/landscaper coming out to do it. Was supposed to be done yesterday but either rain or a hangover kept him away)

11) Call HOA management service and complain about front yard not being weeded/edged - not that it will do any good as the company is virtually worthless = DONE (for what it's worth -- they really are a sorry management company)

12) Clean & paint front porch rails. There is grout debris all over the place from having slate installed and it looks like shit. I want it pretty & white again.

13) Check into a low sheen sealer for said slate that can be applied over the matte finish sealer I put on right after it was installed. I just thought I wanted a matte finish. Now I want is shinier.

14) Apply said sealer to slate if it exists. Another all day job.

15) Pressure wash rear patio, screened porch floor, and driveway.

16) Seal said concrete areas with a "wet look" sealer. This requires boarding the dogs overnight.

17) Sand and re-stain wood glider on patio. Once upon a time it was a pretty oak color. Now it's kind of green & brown.

18) Have evergreens moved in front yard and something...not sure what...installed in it's place. These evergreens really bother me for some reason.

19) Install Crepe Myrtles along fence in rear yard

20) Clean facia above garage -- looks like someone sat on the roof and poured oil on them

21) Call gutter company again to see when they plan to install front gutters

22) Get estimate on enclosing rear patio with screen cage. This will likely include a trip to the hospital after I faint after reading the quote.

23) Get estimate on finishing crown molding in office, BR 2, T's office, and bathrooms.

24) Organize kitchen pantry & cabinets before something falls out on one up us and renders us dead.

25) Put San Francisco "stuff" in scrap book. No, I do not do elaborate scrapbooks with cute ribbons and fabric. I scotch tape or staple whatever it is that I want to keep on the page. = DONE

26) Call my buddies housekeeper and beg..bribe...cry... so she'll take me on as a client. According to him the woman is awesome. She does laundry, cleans under furniture, and actually dusts "under" things as opposed to around them. She has one slot left and I aim to get it. The service we use now is OK but not worth what we're paying. = DONE (called her this morning - she came by the house & we interviewed each other. She is awesome. She starts Monday and she's $15 a week less than the ones we currently use)

27) Go to gym. OMG this is like my least favorite thing to do but for longevity and health I need to get into a routine.

28) Orgainze CD collection. Somewhere along the line A Kitty Wells Christmas and Led Zeppelin's Presence ended up in the same rack. All of the CD's are like this. Sheer chaos. = DONE (had to put everything back in the armoire in the BR so did right)

29) Figure out what to do for T's 40th Birthday. It's right around the corner and I need to find something really special and memorable to mark the occasion. Yesterday we went to K-Mart after dinner and while carrying out a vacuum I bought (the old one smelled like dog) I told him "Happy Birthday Honey".

30) Organize my Bog Buddy list and links. I have to do some major adding of links and some organizing. I want this blog to be as simplified and free of confusion as my life it. (rolls eyes)


The Dangerous Man said...

GO TO GYM... Huh, not a chance, I couldn't be bothered with half that stuff. Hire a maid!

You have tenacity I'll give you that.

The Dangerous Man said...

Hey Pookie,

Just a quicky (you wish ;->)

Just to let you know, I have added a top referrals list on my blog now (along the right side bar towards the bottom). However because you link to me as www.thedangerousman.com, it will show on the list as www.thedangerousman.com, if you want to appear as yourself then please change your link to http://romulanus.blogspot.com, either way I'm not that bothered, they both get to me.

Just thinking of you that's all. (Feel free to delete this comment, I couldn't find your email address)


doris said...

LOL - funny you mentioned procrastination. Your other half asked me a few qestions and that was one of my little foibles ;-)

At least you are doing better than me. I bought the hand tools for the gardening and they are sitting pristine on the window sill!

Tomas said...

24 hours in a day.....
24 beers in a case....

Scotty said...

Good Gawd. I would make a list but I am afraid it might mean I would have to do something!

Hikaru said...

You're very thorough. I want your stamina.

DLAK said...

Good one Pookie, I started laughing at #17 by the time I got to 28 I knew you were dreaming. Good luck with the maid. When I turned 40 the best gift I got was a pen set for drawing, I hadnt drawn in years and it inspired me to start again.

Pookie65 said...

I'm slowly crossing things off the list. I feel like a turtle crossing the road and there's a big ass car coming towards me. Oh, wait. The car is full of 1/2 naked college boys and they're stopping....

doris said...

LOL - another diversion Pookie and reason to procrastinate further!