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"God is angered by the antics of the Republicans and he's pouring his wrath on W's home state via Hurricane Rita." Sound stupid? It's supposed to. But I'd give anything for Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh to open their mouths and that phrase is the only thing that they can physically say. What a grand day that would be.

The other morning T and I were laying in bed (talking) and I started laughing. I asked him how funny it would be if every Republican mouthpiece were suddenly struck mute for an entire day. Then we started mimicking them and ended up in fit of hysterics. T was in such a good mood after our laugh that he even let me play with his belly button. Yippee!

So my "friend" who didn't bother to call for 2 years is coming up on Sunday. She's only spending one night instead of 3-4 so I figured what the hell and told her to come on up. I'm already looking forward to Monday... She is so high maintenance. I'll be sure and toss back and extra Xanax about an hour before she arrives -- Serenity Now.

This weekend is the first of two for the Fall Parade of Homes and I don't have to work. Needless to say I'm pretty happy about that. The first weekend is when the lookie-loos come out for decorating ideas and is typically a complete waste of time. The last weekend is when those with checkbooks with a balance capable of writing a nice fat check stop by. Now that will be fun. Even if I do have to work with Miss "I have a baby stuck to my teat". She's been warned in a nice way that babies aren't really allowed in the office so no running off to nurse every 15 minutes. That said, she will have hundreds of pictures of "the baby" for me to ooh and ahh over. Can't wait.

I want to thank those who've wished me and Miss Hibiscus luck in our current battle against the evil Right Wing Christian Grasshoppers. To date we've polished off 4 of the SOB's and yes, I did in fact, cut them in half as promised. Ghone has asked that I post pictures of the deed and I'm going to try and comply as soon as I find the digital camera -- T, this is a not so subtle hint to leave it on my desk. I'll try and upload some pics this weekend. And if you haven't been to Ghone's site, Swim Pig, then go now. It's awesome. He's a brilliant photographer and captures some of the most beautiful and sometimes bizarre photos you'll ever see.

Well, the morning's getting away fast and I have to see a man about a horse so I'm outta here.

Chaste hugs & air kisses,



Hikaru said...

Sounds like a garden version of Animal Farm going on over on your front porch.

Mr. Brian said...

Maybe God is pouring his wrath on DUMBYA and the religious right for saying such forked-tongued things about NOLA.....Makes sense to me :)

doris said...

Offtopic - thanks for your good wishes. May you have a lovely weekend and hope that Sunday turns out to be more fun that you expect :-)

The Dangerous Man said...

Ohh baby photo's, I'm sure you're looking forward to that!

I mean why wouldn't you be.

Scott said...

Now how can you possibly share the Xanax when you keep hording it all. You know that you are creating an nationwide shortage!

purpletwinkie said...

Haha "see a man about a horse" I'll have to add that to this blog post.

Ghone said...

Thanks for your kind words dude!