Bon Voyage, Pookie

This time tomorrow I'll be about an hour away from Port Canaveral and boarding this lovely ship for my cruise. If I'm not mistaken my cabin is 3 rows up and directly above the third life boat on the left. If you fast forward time and look real close you can almost see me standing on my balcony (with an overpriced but yummy drink in hand) waving to you. The way the balconies are situated I may very well be butt naked so if you look close enough you may be privy to a real treat.

I am so ready for this trip. More ready to get way than I've ever been for a vacation. Physically and mentally I need this and I am going to take full advantage of every moment I'm away. And I'm really excited to explore some new places like St. Maarten and St. Thomas. I could care less about the Bahamas -- been there done that but I do look forward to the beach mat I've reserved and sucking down countless libations.

Did I mention the casino? And the sex that is inevitable when staying in a strange bed? Nothing better than travel sex. Hell yes. I am so ready for this trip.

We are going to have unlimited internet in our cabin but not sure how reliable it is so I may or may not updating my blog next week. If I am able to connect you can expect greetings from a slightly drunken and well rested Pookie.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Scotty said...

Havew a grandioso time Pookie! I am jealous!!! :)

cola boy said...

Have a fabulous cruise, pookie!

doris said...

Will your eyes be able to stop twinkling? I hope not :-)

I hope you are enjoying it all!

PS. Try typing in the word verification vahkmqyn after a few drinks!

Pookie65 said...

So far so good! Love the ship and our cabin is beautiful. Having a balcony is the absolute best. The in-suite internet isn't going so well...so I'm paying a whopping .39 a minute in the internet lounge.

I am happy to report that I won $500 (yes you read it right) on a .25 slot machine. A $40 investment paid off!

I'll check back again soon I'm sure.

Will be raising a toast to all of you after 11:00 -- the time I can justify to start drinking :-)


The Dangerous Man said...

Hope you are having a fun time sunshine boy.

You are super duper blog of the week on my first podcast. Download it at my blog from 02/07/2006. We mention you a lot. :-)

Sangroncito said...

Have a wonderful time!!!!!

Danger Mouse said...

Hope you have a fab time Pookie.

doris said...

Great to hear the update.... :-)

Hikaru said...

Ahhh! I'm going on a cruise next month. You're making me wish it was MArch already.