Sex Education

Vintage film from decades ago.


fairplaybeach said...

thats news to me...

Badaunt said...

That was ... educational. Or something. I'm not quite sure what to say. I started out laughing because I thought that woman was going to run out of board space for writing all the different names for penis (why was she writing so BIG?), but then ... I don't know, it all started seeming like a good idea. It was all kind of cringe-making, but at the same time MUCH better than pretending nothing secual ever happens to handicapped people.

What a strange little video. How on earth do you find this stuff?

doris said...

"trainables" ? or was it "untrainables"?

Not sure I could meet a Peter after that and not burst out laughing!

Reminds me of a drama group I once belonged to as part of a college course I was doing. As part of the activity we are assured that nothing we said would be "wrong". We were to offer up swear words which the teacher wrote on the board - just like in that film. I came out with one I had heard which was London West Indian lingo and the teacher was so cross with me for being so nasty. What the heck was that about?!

Anyway, strange little film. Disabled people are still treated as if they do not or must not have sexual feelings.