Hey ya'll and all that stuff

So I'm sitting here in a coffee shop over at the beach and there are all these folks from Georgia here for the game tomorrow -- Florida vs. Georgia in Jacksonville for those not in the know.

Anyway, it's been 11 years since I lived in Georgia and seeing so many of these people together in one location is a lot like going back in time. There's this rich, refined southern accent in the air that I'm not used to any more and I've just realized that I sort of miss it. *Sort of* -- Not enough to ever move back but just enough to appreciate my roots. The few people I've talked to have asked me where I'm from and when I reply "Georgia" they act surprised. I guess I've lost my accent and seeing as Floridians don't have an accent to speak of I'm sitting here wondering who do I sound like now?

Oh well, after a few drinks and a couple of hours of chatting with these folks I'm sure I'll pick some of it back for for a while at least.

Sunday we fly down to Ft. Lauderdale to see Babs. We're going to the Monday night show and I'm getting really excited. I forgot to purposely didn't bring a "nice shirt" or slacks so I'm going to have to find some little something to wear to the show. Dammit ;-) I don't do Tommy Bahamas so shopping around here is out of the question. What does one wear to a Barbara Streisand concert I wonder.

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great weekend and GO GATORS!

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