Some people are just so damn stupid

Some Republicans, not all mind you but the most vocal, are so damn naive. Either that or their are just so caught up in their contempt for democracy that they'll believe anything they read or hear without bothering to verify it's accuracy. Over night I've received three separate emails titled Fwd: Fw: Definition Of Rotten. Basically it's a very old urban legend about Hillary Clinton and the Gold Star Mothers. If for some reason you, my sensible reader, should get a copy of this nonsense simply hit the Reply to Everyone (because you know this brand of Republican can only do mass email and spam) so everyone gets your reply. Then include this simple message:

Dear Jane,

I know that you're much too smart a person to knowingly perpetuate falsehoods and propaganda so you may want to look at this:
http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/goldstar.asp. Don't feel too bad though as mistakes are made all the time. America did, after all, elect George W. Bush not once but twice as President and we all know what a monumental mistake that has turned out to be. (insert a smiley face emote here for effect)

I just thought you'd like to know the facts before you send out a little "oops, I made a mistake" message. No need to thank me, Jane, it is my pleasure helping you set the facts straight.

Hope you have a wonderful day!



cola boy said...

I love Snopes. It gives me a chance to reply to all those stupid myths my mom sends me and believes are true. Thanks to your post, I will be rpepared for this one. Thanks, Pookie! :-)

Ghone said...

I'm quite fond of:
The sympathy page has me chuckling every time!

Pookie65 said...

I despise those damn nonsense emails. By all means let me know how your mom reacts!

Thanks for that link, Swim! I too loved the sympathy page.