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Cheers to those left who still stop by! I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday. May 2007 find you in good health; spirits; and your homes filled with love.

Christmas was for me a quiet and emotional time. It started out hectic and fun-filled. Lot's of dinners, parties and such. Then about 1/2 way through my old friends stress & depression stopped by for an extended visit and I slowed on down the festivities. All in all it was a very nice holiday. Spent time with the family (a little extra Xanax for that one) and some of our relatively drama-free friends. During the ups and downs of it all I did a lot of thinking, perhaps too much truthfully, and without even trying have started the new year off productively and in a very good emotional place.

A couple of my favorite sussies this year was the inno from T and one that I bought myself, a cd: Ultra-Lounge: Wild, Cool & Swingin' - Artist Series Vol 3 w/Mrs. Miller. The inno is amazing. Works like a charm and can be used in the car, at home, or like a normal mp3 player. So far I've found nothing about it that I don't like. And well the CD is something else all together. It's bizarre, disturbing, and makes me laugh out loud. What more can I say? Do yourself a favor and listen to the audio clips. I'm, actually thinking of throwing a small party around this particular CD. Tacky & bizarre food, decor, and of course Mrs. Miller hitting the right notes at all the wrong times. I'll keep ya posted if I proceed with this.

During my recent soul searching and cleansing of the spirit I got some work done around my place that was long overdue and hovering over my head like a dark cloud. My office is officially as organized as it could be. I spent an entire day going through files and setting up my 2006 tax folder -- all ready for the CPA -- and going through boxes in the office closet. I had more shit in that closet. Boxes of stuff that I've moved a 1/2 dozen times and several boxes of stuff that was my dad's. It was actually a lot of fun sorting through things from youth and a lot of stuff from my dad's youth and military days. Also, I found a cigar box full of recipes from my paternal grandmother which I'm going to put into book form for select members of the family -- as time permits. So I'm feeling pretty good about things for the time being.

Classes start on Monday and I really can't wait to get started. I've got an advanced algebra class and a "psychological art class" which is supposed to look at controversial art through the ages in relation to the human (fucked up) mind. What I'm expecting is to read about how since the beginning of time fundamentalist Christians have always hated and feared that which stimulates their delicate (and rather limited) sensibilities. I'll let ya know.

OK, it's time for confession:

In the past two weeks I've...

...smoked a lot more than I'd like
...wanted to smoke pot but never did
...felt like getting really drunk but didn't
...watched 8 episodes of Friday Night Lights on the Internet back to back
...played way too many hours of Internet video games
...lied to get out of having dinner with my mom
...had sex - once
...thought seriously about saying fuck-it and just moving away
...had countless impure thoughts about many people - perhaps if I had sex more than once every two seeks......????
...swore I'd never put up another Christmas tree to have to take down
...paid in advance for weekly house keeping service
...watched too many DVDs from Netflix to count
...wanted to cry but couldn't
...wanted to hit someone but didn't
...took great pleasure in saying fuck
...didn't make a single new years resolution
...fell asleep at 10:45 on New Year's Eve
...became hooked on this guys music: Beirut big time
...decided to post on this blog but only when I really feel like it

So there we have my holiday season in a nut shell. Not too bad.

Sending out hugs & lovin,



Scott said...

hugs & lovin to you too :)

purpletwinkie said...

that was me! purpletwinkie who just said that this fuckin' Blogger sucks :)

ella m. said...

I'm glad you made it through the minefield of the holiday season happy healthy and relatively unscathed. I haven't had the fortititude to post the post holiday wrap up yet :D

Doris said...

Oh wow - hugs and lovin to you too.

I had my mind blip in the Autumn.... started in September and cleared by the New Year. Christmas was almost cancelled that I bought one of those tacky trees with lights that just comes out the box and plugs in. And a number of kitsch animals that bounce and sing Christmas songs with impossible English accents. Otherwise Christmas wasn't going to happen.

I am sure and hope that you are through it all. But saying fuck works at times. This weekend was Mother's Day in the UK and I had a conversation with my son which was colourfully littered with profanities about his and his sister's attitude round the house and how unimpressed I am about handing over money so that he could go buy me something on Mother's Day Sunday and then disrespect me the rest of the year. He stood up to the conversation quite well - I did have a point - and I felt so good afterwards. Meanwhile nothing has changed!

We gotta make ourselves happy and then it can be contagious.

This message was written on 19 March 2007. I've been away too long!

Hugs and mega hugs :-)

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