Best facial ever

Yesterday I got the single best facial I've had since living in Atlanta and Saks had their salon/spa.

For $90 I got a men's deep cleansing & refining which consisted of: a starter mask & massage, Micro-dermabrasion followed by a full-face 25% glycolic acid peel, a lifting facial massage, pore extraction, and a 10 minute foot massage while the final mask of "secret healing herbs and minerals" was drying. Cap it all off with a Rosemary & Lemon toner/spritz and you have 90 minutes of sheer bliss. If I were rich I'd have one of these every week.

If anyone knows of a good toner/astringent that doesn't mess up a spray tan let me know. I love that super-clean feeling but not at the risk of ruining a $25 tan.


Doris said...

Sounds wonderful :-) I am so into pampering and taking care these days .... good for you and thank you for sharing! I get so much inspiration from blokes!!! ;-)

It is good to be back .... and I have only just started catching up on your blog. I do hope you have been happy and well in the interim. Thank you for your wonderful welcome back to me. I feel chuffed (which in English means something positive!) :-D

I can't help you with the toner. At the end of last year I experimented with the gentle tanning moisturisers which was fab at first until one day I rubbed too hard with a towel after a shower and was shocked when the light tan rubbed off. Silly me, I didn't realise it wasn't a real tan!


Badaunt said...

You have inspired me. I will have to try to fit in a facial before going back to work.

(Did you go green for St Patrick's Day? I haven't checked out your blog for so long I don't know when it happened. I thought you were never going to post again - and here you are, blogging away merrily.)