Typhoid Mommies

What is it with parents who insist on sending their child to school knowing they are miserably sick and contagious? This past Monday I had 3 kids who were so sick that they had to call for parent pick up.

1) One little girl was coughing, hacking, draining, sneezing, and crying she felt so bad - her mother is a stay-at-home-mom.

2) A boy announced right off the bat that his mommy told him he was too sick to be at school but she an appointment and would be checking him out after lunch - this mommy was so proud of her "new nails" that she felt compelled to take off her shoes and show off her freshly painted nails to the school nurse when she picked up her son with the 102 fever.

My favorite:

3) This little girl was sitting at my work table with 4 other kids when she leaned in and said, "I just pooed my pants a little. This has been happening all weekend! At least I haven't started throwing up yet" - come to find out her two sisters who attend the same school AND mommy were all at home sick with a stomach bug. So why in the hell did mommy send little "Adrianne" to school? Because her best friend in class was bringing cupcakes to lunch for her birthday and mommy didn't want her to miss her friend's birthday - but she would not be at school on Tuesday.

Rest assured "Mommy" got a call to drag her ass right back to school to pick up daughter and a plastic bag with little Adrianne's stinking, soiled clothes (we keep cleans ones for such an occasion). I intentionally didn't tie the bag tight or rinse them out in hopes Mommy got a really good whiff and puked her damn guts out all over the front seat of her new mini-van.

Oh. My. God. By Thursday half of the class was snotty, drippy, hacky, and shitty. I understand there are times when it is really hard for a working parent or one in school them self to make arrangements for their sick child. I feel sorry for those parents and will do whatever I can to make it easier on them - and of course any sick child. However, these three parents were being irresponsible, selfish, and just plain stupid. I hope each of the sick kids is feeling all better and back in class in the morning - and I hope every one of their parents have spent their whole damn weekend sick in bed.


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