Badinage for breakfast

First off a big I love ya and am so proud of ya to the love of my life. He's gone 26 days without smoking (no cheating this time either). And, he's been unusually cheerful through the process. Maybe I'll give him an extra special surprise (if you have a dirty mind you are right on the money shot) this evening.... Nope, can't do it this evening because we're getting the weekly spray tans and ya can't interfere with the "process" or you'll streak. (God we're vain) Instead, I'll spare him an entire day of my crude (yet brilliant) humor and sarcasm. To him that would be just as mind blowing and gratifying. I will add that I am a master in all of the above activities and he is so lucky to have me.....Ya do know I'm very modest?

I am damn determined to get something done around this house today. I've been off the office schedule for 6 days now and have accomplished nothing. OK, I did do some shopping with my mom, I went to the gym (once), saw two movies, re-potted 3 outdoor plants, and folded a load of clothes. Not very productive for 6 days. I am going to turn over a new leaf starting today (my hubby will crack up when he sees this -- one of our favorite jokes "turning over new leaves" -- he even thumb tacked one inside the TV closet in my office and deemed it Pookies New Leaf. (How weird am I? Jesus!) Anyway, I am going to clean the back porch. It looks likes a Hospice for dying ferns back there. I am going to get all the shirts/slacks to the cleaners (no lie when I say the bill will be $150) . And God as my witness (in my best Scarlett O'Hara) I am going to the grocery store (which means I'll be eating out tonight -- every time I load up the frigde I take T out for dinner) Yay!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of BB6. Even knowing that this show is probably 50% scripted I am totally hooked on it. My beloved T and I have a good friend coming over for dinner and to watch this first episode. In all likelihood this will lead to a small group of us who'll meet on Thursdays (eviction night) to wine, dine, and whine. Thus, the beginning of theBB6 Supper Club. I was planning on making a fabulous little chicken dish --- thinly pounded breasts lightly browned in butter, stuffed with wilted spinach, artichoke hearts, and toasted walnuts, and topped with goat cheese, and baked to perfection. Then, our friend announces that she doesn't do chicken! Please tell me other than the die-hard vegetarian a person that doesn't eat chicken? Well, God love her, she is a meat and taters kinda gal so that's what she's getting. I'm doing a roast and by it will be amazing.

We leave next Wednesday for 8 days San Francisco and I have done nada to prepare for the trip. I need to make an appointment for the obligatory pre-trip highlights (more vanity), grab a few smart new outfits (this means something that makes me look slim), dig out and clean up the luggage, and finally I need to call the hotel concierge to confirm special requests (and by this I mean A/C turned cold prior to arrival, ice in room, car service, dinner reservations, etc... Thought I'd add this in case someone thought I was asking for our room to be lined in plastic sheeting and special services from a "masseur" -- I'm not that kind of a boy)

Yesterday I was surprised to find that two people have linked my blog. In my best
Jonathin Antin -- "I can't believe" (insert tears) "that this is happening to me. Like one day I am this guy from nowhere and today I have two people hooking up my blog (more tears). I'm like so choked up" Add some more tears and a whole lot of drama and ya get the drift. Of course I am probably a lot more sincere than he is. The guy actually broke down when he saw his "product" line in it's new packing for the first time. "I have bar code. I really have a bar code" Jeezus! Anyway, I showed my man the blogs that hooked me up (no, I didn't really cry but I am very touched). One is a buff, sexy as all get out, super intelligent guy from NY. His posts are very profound and if ya look at his profile he has the most beautiful eyes. The other guy is another epitome of my prefect man (now my T is the only man for me but I can damn sure look) He is funny, built the way I like em' (like a real man dammit -- like my own hubby), and also super intelligent. Hubby couldn't help but agree -- these two guys warrant a Paris Hilton "That's hot" and a Pookie65's, "Hell yes I would!". Thanks guys.

President Bush, during his stop in Denmark before heading to the G-8 summit, said Wednesday he will not select a Supreme Court nominee based on his or her views on abortion or other hot-button political issues. And Tom Cruise is the most rational, sane person in the world.

Enough of my banality for one day. Send some love to everyone ya meet today, folks.


The Dangerous Man said...

How nice you are!

Not once did you talk about yourself, but only of other people. I like that!

Me on the other hand, I'm my favourite subject. I'm sure if I was a drag queen I'd be called 'Vanity Case'

Hmmm, I'll have to Blog about that.

Pookie65 said...

Only if you read between the lines... lol Hey -- thanks for linking me. I returned the favor.

Alexander said...

I am commenting on your previous posts when I say that it is people like your good self that make me believe there is still sanity amongst a few of us. Obviously I'd like there to be more but I'd also like a Liberal government in the United Kingdom and live video footage of the linching of Robert Mugabe. But lets face it, it's not gonna happen. We can dream though. Keep up the good work.


The Dangerous Man said...

So I'm not sane :-(

Pookie65 said...

Ben, I can't for the life of me decide if you're ripping me a new one or passing on a wee compliment. Either way, you're damn good with words. And on a side note: If I looked as good as you do in your profile pic -- sans the gel n' stuff -- I'd go au natural too. That, is a compliment BTW.

Jay, I believe we are sane. Well, you are anyway. It's likely that I'm about 1 step away from being placed in a home for the deranged (yet oh so fabulous) homosexual. ;=P