Babble as an afternoon snack

I just couldn't stay away from this whole Blog thing. I'd not planned on writing again today but I popped back in to re-read my earlier post to see what I'd initially planned for the day to see how much I've accomplished. Talk about disappointment.

Back porch is all cleaned. Turns out only 1 fern was causing all the trouble and I moved to a nice (undisclosed) shady location in the rear yard. The others, a different variety, look damn fine so they are welcome to stay put. What started as a simple sweeping and dead-heading of plants turned into a 3 hour affair with my plants. I repotted about 4 more. Fertilized, cleaned up stems, dead leaves etc... and then moved the porch around. Martha Stewart would be proud.

Needless to say the laundry hasn't made it to the cleaners and I've not made it to the market so there will be no home cooked meal coming outta the kitchen. No sweat off my back as I'd rather eat out. It's weird. When we lived in our old house with the tiny galley kitchen I cooked all the time. Now that we're in the new house with large kitchen that we painstakingly & collectively designed I don't want to cook as much. I much prefer just looking at it as opposed to getting in there and doing something.

Oh, just found another blog to read: A Life of Sorts. Ben doesn't tan, dance, use hair product, or take kindly to having bitchy queens telling him to stay out of their village. He does, however, play pool, adore his girlfriend, and have body hair. He also has a brilliant way with words and kept me reading his blog for a good 1/2 hour. Seems like a pretty cool sort of guy in a super-NON- metrosexual way. Check him out.

OK, it's all about me again: Being the metrosexual-homosexual that I am I confess to owning more skin and hair care products than a person has a right to. I'm a whore for new vanity products and if sounds too good to be true I'll usually buy it. My recommendations for the day are (drum roll) The Body Shop - Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask and Nexxus Therappe shampoo. After my day (ok - more like 3 hours) of grueling labor I was feeling not-so-fresh so I spent a good hour getting the skin and hair in shape. Nothing like some man-pampering to get life back on track. Besides, San Fran is exactly one week away and I gotta be looking good now in the city of Angels and hot men.


The Dangerous Man said...

Maybe its all gays that are vain. I know I am and nearly all the other gay guys I know are too.

My theory is that gay guys are attracted to other gays (mostly gay guys) and therefore know what is attractive in a man perhaps more than straight guys do (I'm saying this at the risk of getting my head bitten off from everystraigh guy around).

So, gay guys do their upmost to look better than good, and this can come across as vanity.

Jay x

PS, I'm sure your garden looks brilliant, you big pansy.

Veeba said...

I know what you mean about this whole blogging thing being addicted..i can't stay away. I want to be laying on the couch right now but here I am. Check my blog out when you have a chance!