Tonight's the night...Don't F*** it up, Bush

On Big Brother 6: In lieu of the tragedy in London today it's kinda hard to get excited about a reality show. Had I not already planned on a season premier dinner party thingie I'd be glued to CNN or MSNBC (but never, ever, ever Fox mind you -- I'd rather poke my eyes out with dull popsicle sticks than watch that dribble). But the main course is cooking as we speak in the faithful crock pot and the company will be at the door by 7PM so Big Brother 6 we're ready or not here we come.

Fearing the worst I see Bush, in yet another fit of grandstanding, decides to pre-empt the scheduled shows so he can blab on and on to the world about what he and God think about the situation in London. I for one don't want to hear this man utter a single word about this. Now if someone without an ulterior motive or one that possesses sincerity wants to address this tragedy then I am all for it. But Bush can offer nothing to console the injured, dead, or their loved ones. Nor can he offer hope for a solution to this madness. All he can..will..ever has... offer(ed) is the same self-serving, pious, and utterly annoying bullshit that he always has. For once in his history as a miserable excuse of a non-President I wish he would do the right thing and just shut up. If he'd show a shred of decency and not try and turn this attack into something he can use to raise his public approval (synonymy: scare the shit out of anyone listening/watching) or placate the asses of his GOP (God's own party) sheep I might gain some respect for him. ........... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............

In the event that BB6 is interrupted I have two choices: 1) If it's a rational person updating on the attacks I will listen eagerly for details. 2) If FlipperDick imposes, again, I'll have to look for a Punky Brewster rerun. Lord knows it would be more informative and far more believable.

Added 7/7: Dinner was great. BBB6 got off to a mediocre start but I'll keep watching. And George Bush did not violate my personal space. I will say this once and only once so listen up George, "I admire you for not saying anything stupid or arrogant yesterday. You set a personal record for yourself." See? A Liberal can say something nice about George Bush.

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marriedman said...

I reccomend Charles in Charge. Scott Bao rules. Either that or put on some WHAM! and let it all sink in.