Annoying People/Things

1) The self-important CEO: This is the guy who thinks he knows what's best for everyone. He is successful and he wants everyone around him to know it. His opinion (which he is always wont to give) overrides anyone else's and he is never, ever wrong. 9/10 are laughing at this guy and he's too self absorbed in himself to even notice.

2) An educated but dumb genius: This person can have all the PHD's in the world hanging in their office but the second guess the smallest decisions in their life. They obsess about the most minor things and will takes something and chew all the flavor out of it as opposed to just accepting their gut instinct. Even worse after you think you're finally through conversing with them they go "Just one more question".

3) A proud redneck: Just who in the hell really wants to be a redneck? To wear a t-shirt or ball cap broadcasting that you are a redneck is so completely beyond my understanding. Aren't people supposed to strive to achieve better in life as opposed to relishing their ignorance?

4) People who use the word Liberal like it's a bad thing: God I am so sick of these rabid GOP pricks spouting off the same old shit over and over and over. Rush Limbaugh said it so it must be true and you must perpetuate his wisdom until your dying breath. Do these people not realize how insanely stupid they sound? Do they not have a mind of their own?

5) Religious Zealots: No need to elaborate on this. See #4 and apply the last two sentences.

6) People who are capable but won't help themselves: Better yet people who can but won't. These are the folks who depend on others to do every damn thing for them be it. All of their problems are the fault of someone else and the world owes them. Ya Lazy bastards, get off your ass and do it yourself or in the case of a panhandler get out and get a damn job.

Continuing with some things that really, really piss me off...

7) A stapler that has run out of staples: There are like 10,000 staples in every refill so how in the hell does it ever run out?

8) Coat hangers that stick together: There is nothing like getting into a fight with a coat hanger when you are in a hurry to get dressed.

9) The dripping coffee/soda cup: You know those cheap ones that have the seam up the side that never fail to develop a leak and drip about one minute after you've walked around with them.

10) The missing button: The dry cleaning bill was $100 but the closet is full of clean clothes. You go to grab a shirt (the one that matches my mood of the moment) and when you put it on there is a button missing right in the front. Do dry cleaners do this on purpose?

11) Toilet seat: So you go to sit on the toilet and there are two really bad things that can happen. It's either wet because someone didn't raise the seat before taking a leak or the damn seat slides to one side.

12) Weak coffee: So it's made the same way day after day. The same measurement...same brand but every once in a while it comes out like water and it has to be dumped out.

13) Food preparation: You order a steak or burger "well done" in a restaurant. You go so far as to say "No pink please" or if it's a steak "the chef can butterfly it if that would be easier". Guess what? The meat comes out bloody. You send it back and it comes back worse than before.

14) Interupted internet service: Taking the morning coffee into the home office to check the email and discovering that there is no cable connection. Then spending 1/2 hour on the phone with customer service.

15) Kitchen cabinets: Hours have been spent organizing, labeling, and structuring the pantry and cabinets so that everything is in it's place and easy to find. Well, that only lasts for about a week. Utter chaos and things fall out and hit your foot.

16) "We interrupt this broadcast for...": Right when the TV show is getting good and is at a crucial moment this message inevidably comes on. Usually it's because George W. Bush has something profound to announce.

I will add more as I think of them. It sure feels good venting though....


Hikaru said...

Amen! Especially to #16. The worst was when the local TV station in Milwaukee spent 3 hours talking about rain. We know it's raining, I want my regular programming.

You're right, it is good to vent.

The Dangerous Man said...

They never interrupt the TV in the UK for anything. Which I suppose is a good thing.

The last time they interrupted the TV in the UK (as far as I can remember) was in 1996 when the Irish Republican Army bombed Manchester.

they sometimes do extended news programmes when a member of the Royal family dies or events such as July 7

Scotty said...

Interrupted internet service is my worst. OMG I like, freak and the second worse...is when George Debyah comes on to say how he is defining the sanctity of marriage RIGHT when I was about to watch Survivor...that bastard!

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Re the toilet seat: If you aren't at home, hover! It's good for the thighs.

Alexander said...
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Alexander said...

What I wouldn't give for merely 'interrupted' internet service :P I'm with a great little ISP who love to change all of their servers at least once monthly. This usually means that they cut off my service without telling me and then accuse me of being six months behind with my payments. I then have to prove to them that I have paid before they'll re-connect me. Why am I still with them? I'm a masochist.

doris said...

That picture of the kid to illustrate this post - I am ashamed to say it looks like an English kid. Must be all of 4 years old and I bet his dad thinks he looks great behaving like that, like a football hooligan!

With #13 have you had them look down their nose at you for daring to want the meat cooked and not bloody? I'm the customer and I know how I don't want my meat - just don't give me grief for it!