A journey into joy

As promised I'm going to reflect on the good things I've experienced recently to counter the negative in my morning post. I don't intend to come across as petty or spoiled (OK, so I'm spoiled but not overly so) and to prove to myself and my readers I'm going to make a point of balancing my emotional outbursts in my blog.

  1. Most importantly I am relieved that Katrina wasn't any worse than it was. While innocent lives were lost and countless treasures to many individuals destroyed or damaged it could have been much more devastating. I pray all the folks in Mississippi & Louisiana receive the strength and determination needed to put their lives back together and move forward. A special mention to the World's Sexiest Cajun, Brett. You're much loved and many, many people are thinking of you.
  2. On my way out to work this morning I walked directly into the path of two hummingbirds on my front porch. It seems that the hanging baskets of Wave Petunias attract them. They are incredibly fast for such delicate little critters.
  3. The new maid who'll I'll now refer to as "Hazel" did an amazing job on the house. It was well worth the extra day wait as the place is impeccable.
  4. It rained on/off most of the day and it was downright pleasant outside this afternoon. Bad hair is much more tolerable when you have the rain to blame it on.
  5. I heard on the radio that recent polls show W's approval rating at a record low of 36%. There is a God and surely he is smiling.
  6. A house down the street from mine just listed for over 1/2 a million bucks. Equity sweet equity.
  7. My friend "CJ" who owns the spray tanning salon is coming over tonight with her family. My wonderful T made her hysterical 14 y.o. daughter a cake for her birthday. I love the whole family and will no doubt laugh away a good majority of the Botox left in me. And I don't care a bit.
  8. I have a 5 day weekend coming up.
  9. My African Violets are in full bloom. A neat story about these particular plants: I've had them for some 15 years. They were just beautiful when I got them and then they simply quit blooming. The day my dad passed away they started blooming again and haven't stopped since. Today they are exceptionally lovely.
  10. My doggies smell so sweet and their fur is like, well it's like fur. Super soft and luxurious. The place we board them is awesome and the owner, a bubbly, big haired woman, is wonderful with my kids. The Lab, our little biter, even likes her.
  11. Every day I meet more and more interesting people through the blogs and grow to love and appreciate the ones I've been following for some time even more.
  12. I looked very smart (as my momma would and did say) today at work. Wearing a lime green, thinly-striped Joseph Abboud tailored shirt and dark gray Calvin Klein pin-stripe slacks I felt thin and vibrant. Many thanks to CJ for the perfect and safe tan to set off my youthful, healthy glow and to Lacoste for my favorite new scent.

Life is good. Sometimes I just have to remind myself.


Ethan said...

those are some great positives!

Tomas said...

sounds like a well-rounded day, my friend.... gotta do the yen to get the yang..... (or is it the other way around? i forget)

ella m. said...

I am now jealous,as you describing your plants must mean you have gardening skills. :) That's something that I have often tried to aquire,but after the deaths of way too many innocent plants, I've since resigned myself to admiring others handiwork.

Dionysus said...

Oh heck who's life wouldn't be good if they had a maid (lol) =D

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

glad you found some positives and are feeling better. but still, can I braid your hair?