Another platitudinous post

Blah pretty much sums up my mood for the past couple of days. In fact I'm feeling so blah that I went to the trusty Thesaurus to find another word that is a tad more exciting to express my current state. Hence the word platitudinous in my title for my morning post. You have to admit it does sound a tad more interesting than blah.

It all started yesterday. I woke up in a funk...went to work in a funk (which worsened as the day progressed)...and stayed that way until I got home. At the risk of this post sounding like a bromidic sermon (yep, found that term in the the thesaurus too) but for the sake of getting all of this off my chest I'm going to list some of the things that may be contributing to this slight down turn in my emotional state.

  1. It is hotter than hell. It's hot outside and it's hot in the office area of the model center where I work. Add to this it's humid. Miserably humid. Sugar melts and by my being the sweetest person I know (feel free to laugh) it's likely that I will evaporate. My hair looks like shit when it's humid. Fly-away hair is an understatement. It's more like a sonic boom of untamed frizz.
  2. My co-workers and I have got to confront our weekend person (who is also a friend of mine) about brining her newborn to work with her. You just cannot be running to the restroom every 30 minutes to nurse when there are 20 people willing to fork out big bucks that need your attention. Please just stay home and let the alternate (a hilarious post-menopausal friend) come in and do the job the way it should be done until you get the baby off the teat.
  3. I had to call my doctor again for a referral for PSA blood work and a reputable dermatologist/plastic surgeon to have multiple basil cell cancers removed from my chest. So it's bad enough to have to have these procedures in the first place to have to beg for it is a damn outrage. Draw the damn blood already and find me someone who can cut off a bunch of moles and not leave me with a polka-dot chest. If he/she does brow lifts then it's a bonus for them because I am interviewing surgeons at this time.
  4. My current HMO is being discontinued and I'll have 30 days to select a new one. Of course Humana has no idea what the replacement policy will be or pricing at this time..."You'll have to wait and see what we send you"... I feel like I'm being screwed and without the benefit of a reach-around.
  5. The new maid didn't show up yesterday. This isn't a good sign. I page her (she doesn't use a cell phone - just a pager) and finally she calls with woes of car troubles over the weekend. When I ask if her car is running presently she tells me yes. It was just the weekend. So what the hell does that have to do with Monday? She is coming today and it's free because I've referred her two new clients. That's a good thing I suppose.
  6. I spent an hour on the phone with a Securities Corporation about setting up a new IRA. Today I get to do it again because the package the agent mailed arrived and I have make some decisions. Nothing like planning for the golden years.
  7. I got an invoice from my company for $1,600. It seems that they paid everyone in my office early on a commission and we have to return the funds. Why not just NOT pay us in two weeks when the check is actually due us? Fortunately, I have other checks waiting on me so I won't starve but it's the principal of the thing. They're always fucking something up in accounting.
  8. I ordered pizza for dinner last night. Not only is it loaded with fat it's loaded with fat. When one is taking Xenical to reduce fat intake one wants to avoid fat at all costs if you know what I mean. It hasn't proven to be a very pleasant morning.
  9. I hate my coffee maker. I've always been a die-hard fan of Bunn coffee makers but this particular model has this thermal carafe that "keeps coffee piping hot for hours". Well, that's a damn lie. It doesn't have a warming plate and it may keep the coffee hot for 30 minutes and I have to microwave each cup of coffee. Did I mention that coffee speeds up the nasty side effects of Xenical after one has eaten pizza the night before?
  10. Mildew is taking over the sod in our backyard. I'd thought it was some sort of lawn pest that could be treated with a toxic/deadly/dangerous chemical. Turns out it's from too much water. It would be a lot easier for me to write a check and have some guy spray the yard as opposed to having to now check the blades for texture and firmness and adjusting the sprinklers every damn day. Maybe I can get T to hide some colorful plastic Easter eggs out in the back to make this tedious routine a little more fun. Maybe he'll even put something inside the eggs. Are you reading this T?

So that is my whinny, self-absorbed, poor-pitiful-me post. During the composition of this post I've thought of many good things to write about which I'll post about later. Until then blah.


Mr. Brian said...

at least you made it entertaining....hope your day gets better.... :)

purpletwinkie said...

1.“Sugar melts and by my being the sweetest person…” But if it stays around long enough, it gets hard when it dries. Hard is good.

2.“…got to confront our weekend person about brining her newborn…” I say, eat the baby. eatbabies

3.“I had to call my doctor again for a referral for PSA blood work…” Brow lifts = silver lining.

4.“My current HMO is being discontinued…” at least you have 30 days!

5.“The new maid didn't show up yesterday” At least she didn’t show up and drink all the liquor.

6.“I spent an hour on the phone with a Securities Corporation about setting up a new IRA” This is a good thing.

7.“I got an invoice from my company for $1,600. It seems that they paid everyone in my office early” Just be glad they’re not charging you interest on the funds.

8.“I ordered pizza for dinner last night. Not only is it loaded with fat it's loaded with fat” I had an “oil-slick” joke, but just can’t bring myself to type it.

9.“I hate my coffee maker” Had my first espresso (in 3 weeks) this morning….AND IT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC. I F-E-E-L G—R—E—A—T YOU HEAR ME. C-A-N Y-O-U H-E-A-R M-E?

10. “Mildew is taking over the sod in our backyard” Mildew problem? One word… TILEX.

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

pity party at pookie's!! I'm so there!

big hug mister, can I braid your hair?

Hikaru said...

I'm sending you a hug and lots of endorphins.

Pookie65 said...

Thanks all for the comments. As promised I'll be making a post of all things good and positive shortly.

Purpletwinkie - you cracked my ass up!

doris said...

Awww. If I could, I'd pop round with a convertible and whisk you off to some nice coffee shop and we'd share stories or silliness and I'd keep going until you just laughed and laughed and things felt much better. Hugs!

Scotty said...

Damn gurl...you need a Xany! :) Hope things are better now!

Dionysus said...

Hi pookie I was going to write something sympathetic but after reading PT:Scott comment I having nothing but laughter at the moment=D