Meme - What Dog Are you?

So my buddy Doris collared me into seeing what kind dog I'd be if I had four leags, a tail, and barked alot. I do bark a lot and am occasionally known to bite if need be so this game makes perfect sense.

In order to play you need to go to Gone to the Dogs and follow the What Dog Are You link. It only takes a few minutes and it's quite fun.

My results:

Dog Name

Netherlands. Similar to Belgium Shepherds and German Shepherd. Originated in early 1700's as a herding dog.

These obedient, hardy, and trustworthy dogs make excellent guards and are impervious to bad weather. More suited to rural surroundings where it can exert its natural herding instincts.

Now play the game:

*Go to www.Gone2TheDogs.com and select game.
*Follow the instructions
*Answer the questions
*Find out what dog you are and
*Post the answer on your blog!
*Collar someone else

I collar T, Scotty, Hikura, Brett, Petunia, Jay, Alexander


Tumbleweed said...

I'm a Bichon Bolognese

doris said...

So Pookie - do you think you have "natural herding instincts" ;-)

"Bichon Bolognese" - I thought that was a joke.... sorry! Very cute dog :-)

Hikaru said...

Oh jiminy this is too funny.

Tumbleweed said...

Doris...I don't have that much hair ;)

The Dangerous Man said...

Okay, I did it and I turned out to be a really really gay dog.

I'm not impressed Pookie!!!!!


Scotty said...

OK OK, I will play your silly game!

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Oh dear. Well, I THOUGHT I was something respectable like a doberman (see photo!) or a weimaraner, but apparently I am a POMERANIAN.

Another dog with the reputation of being an old lady's lap-monster. While certainly ideal for the role of pampered layabout, wallowing in senile affection, the Pomeranian is in fact a robust and lively little animal that could easily walk its owners off their feet. (Judging from the demographics, it wouldn't be that hard.) Loving and faithful this really is a lifetime partner.

actually, that does sound like me!

DLAK said...

I took the quiz and it said I'm a Weiner dog...lol just kidding I couldnt help it. It realy said I'm a Hairless St. Bernard, I think it nailed it perfectly.

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

dlak, I thought you were a dog leg, not a whole dog.

Alexander said...

:-O I was an Afghan Hound. Perhaps thats why I was 'collared' by the anti-terror police last week. Shocking.