Granny has wheels

So today is my moms big driving lesson. After 3 accidents in less than 8 months (and 2 brand new cars in as much) she is taking a defensive driving lesson for senior citizens. My mom is 79, remarkably spry, and in good health for her age. She is very cautious driver but has this "thing" about driving in the left (fast) lane all the time. Every accident she's ever had has been in the left lane. One would think she'd learn after the second time but she didn't. So today she goes to driving school. The funny thing is that the lady teaching the one-on-one class is......you ready for this...85. It is an AARP sponsored class and apparently this little old granny teaching the class is a specialist in teaching those over 55 to drive again. Yours truly will be in the back seat during the lesson. If for some reason the two grannies manage to get us all killed then know that my last thought (after OH SHIT!) will be how much I loved my T and my blogging buddies.

God help us all.


purpletwinkie said...

I'm pulling for you Pookie! Sounds scary to me!

Is you mom nervous? I couldn't help but think of that old Brady Bunch episode where Marcia is nervous taking her driving test and envisions the test-giver in his underwear.

Now that I re-examine that, maybe it's not the best suggestion for your mom.

The Dangerous Man said...

Over here the left lane is the slow lane, so in that case...



Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Oh my Gosh, I can't believe the INSTRUCTOR is 85!!!

Pookie65 said...

We all surivied. Actually, the instructor turned out to be a young woman of 76. Her "friend" at AARP told me she was 85. Is there some backstabbing and sabatoge going on amoungst the silver foxes? :-O