It's all about me

The past couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy.

First off I was holding on to a secret that I couldn't share - my boyfriends surprise party for the big 4-0. It was last Friday night and I actually managed to pull it off without so much as a hint of what was to be. You can read about it here at his blog.

Prior to the party I was on a mission to get as much done in the Owner Suite of our house. Painting, shopping, yada..yada..yada... A boy known for his impeccable style and flair for design can't have his home in shambles with a house full of his peers lurking about now can he?

My poor Lab, Gabriel, had a rough two days. He is a very emotional dog and apparently something clicked causing depression & anxiety to set in. The poor thing had to be sedated and was about one step away from seeing a doggie psychiatrist. He goes through this every few months and it upheaves our entire home. I am happy to report that he is back to his normal, bitchy and biting self.

Work has been insane. All of the petty little clients who have nothing better to do than sit home and dream up drama were on me like stink on shit. Everyone had a crisis of some sort. There is the older woman who was "distraught" over having to submit a fence plan to the HOA. Quote: "I am an old woman (60) on a limited income (she just sold a $700,000 home for CASH - no mortgage) and it upsets me greatly to have to go through this." So honey, you turn in a piece of paper and you pay $125 for a survey. She calls every day. Twice a day. Then there is another older woman who cannot distinguish the difference between a recessed light and "a hole in the ceiling with a light bulb." OMG she called yesterday in tears because she just didn't know how she'd work the thing when she moves in. You flip the switch, hon. And my favorite: The Asian Doctor who was born IN THE US, schooled IN THE US, and parents were born IN THE US. Well, her ability to understand English become very difficult when there are monies involved or deadlines to meet. So I call her realtor (who is Asian-American and speaks 4 languages) and inform her that is Dr. "B" (for bitch) doesn't get her ass in gear and PRONTO that I was pulling the plug on her house. Period. I was tired of fooling with her and had the full support of the developer to toss her ass to the street. Guess what? Suddenly Dr. "B" gets it. That bitch.

The new housekeeper started this week. Monday to be exact and she is amazing. That said the old housekeepers came last Wednesday and I had to let them go. "Uhhh, we are going to handle the house on our own for a while. I'll be in touch." The new lady does more by herself in three hours than the other four ladies did in two. And the new girl is a lot less expensive. Good domestic help is as hard to find as a needle in a haystack.

Oh, and I started Xenical. It's a combination cholesterol and weight loss pill. The only downside to this drug is one nasty little side effect that happens when you eat fatty foods. I shan't elaborate an farther than saying STAY AWAY from the fried food if you want to be able to leave your house for an indeterminable future.

Another project has fallen into my lap. My developer has me working on his personal home now. A weekend place - a mere 6,000 s.f get away. Now I am in heaven working on this scale because I love the challenge and I adore this man and his family. But there is a huge time issue and it's taking a lot more "me" time than I thought. Hopefully the pay off at the end will be worth it. Speaking of.... I have my 3rd meeting this week with the family in an hour so I best run. I can't keep the hand that feeds me so well waiting.

Whew...it feels good to get this out. This was almost most as calming to me as my beloved morning Xanax and a cup of coffee.


The Dangerous Man said...

When I first moved into my apt we got a house keeper, but we kept finding little things missing, so we got rid.

Now the wife does it ;)

Scotty said...

Dayum...you need a breather I think. Wish we could have a housekeeper...but I have mom...she came over today and cleaned out our refrigerator and baked a big pan of cavitini for us. Maybe I Don't want a Housekeeper afterall.

The Great Cranky One said...

I wish i had a housekeeper too. I love to clean but with work and school I just can't do it all. I love your blog by the way you crack me up. I will hopefully have something else fun to post soon.

Tomas said...

don'tcha just despise mankind in general?... i mean there are those few rare jewels out there (present company included).... but mosta the idiots (like the 51% that voted Bush?) ya just wanna slap....
housekeeper? housekeeper? what's a housekeeper?