No more problems in the bedroom!

Some time back I posted a rant (whine, bitching session) about how boring the owner's suite in our new house is. Well, as of this posting it's all starting to change.

Last week I broke down and called up a lady who makes the most fabulous window coverings you can imagine. I've used her in the past for projects but never for my own home. I kind of already knew what I wanted -- a hotel suite "look & feel" but had no clue as to the colors, fabrics, or textures the room needed to achieve my goal. Well, needless to say Roberta saved the day. In she comes armed with a mind boggling amount of swatches and I start panicking. Like I've said before I can do someone else's design with no problem but my own? I may as well be color blind. But luckily I immediately found a fabric for the cornice board and the draperies one and fell in love with it.

Fabric crisis solved I brought out my trusty paint swatches. All of a sudden it was like doing someone else home. I was able make a decision in literally a matter of minutes that pulls the drapes, the bed linens, rugs, art...everything together. So today I stopped by Sherwin Williams and bought the paint. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out on the wall for "the big test". It is sumptuous. The color is SW 6109 Hopsack - a brownish color with just enough green to make it rich and warm if anyone really cares.

The picture is the actual color taken from Sherwin Williams online design program. Anyway, on my wall it looks just as good (if not better) than I'd hoped. Now time to start painting. I was going to hire it out but after getting the bill for the window coverings (which sent me into tremors) I've decided to open a nice bottle of wine and have a painting party saving myself about $300. Even T has offered to help and he hates painting worse than eating vegetables or going to the ballet.

The window treatments will be installed in about a month so I have a little bit of time to get the room painted, the cable moved, the furniture rearranged, and buy new lamps. In case it's not obvious I am so damn happy to finally see this project coming together. Hell I may even post a picture of the finished product on my blog.

On another design note, a friend of mine referred her inlaws to me and I am doing their new condo site unseen. They stopped by the office yesterday and I spent about 30 minutes learning their likes and dislikes but they are returning to their "summer home" out of state and won't return until everything is in progress. So why is it that I get so freaked out doing something to my own home but for someone I barely know I can move full force ahead?

Oh well, enough decorating drama for one day.


Alexander said...

Am I lucky that I only have to think about one room when attempting a re-design? I tried my hand at practical DIY today and attempted to help my brother build a cabinet to my own specification. He's a career joiner and glazer so I didn't feel too much of a fool whilst attacking a piece of wood shouting 'what the hell is wrong with this thing?! I can only make the saw go one way!'

Pookie65 said...

Alexander, I bet your cabinet will be damn fine when it's done. Me and power tools do not get along at all. I either end up tearing them up by accident or by throwing them against a wall in frustration.

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

yay, picture, pictures, we want pictures!

do YOU like going to the ballet?

Pookie65 said...

Petunia, who can turn the world on with her smile: Oh, I will certainly post some pics. After all of my self-created drama surrounding this room I am going to invite the whole world into my bedroom. In a manner of speaking.