Confession, Commentary, & Endorsement


In the stereotypical sense I am a bad,bad gay man. Par for course I am always the last to catch on to the latest trend in everything. I was the last person in my circle of friends to get a DVD player. I even bought a car once several years back and was pissed that it didn't have a cassette player. It took my 73 year old mother to point out that it had a CD player. Duh. I was also the last person to get a DVD player. Hell, it wasn't until 3 years ago that I broke down and bought one. Now when I do "get with the times" I REALLY get with it. I can't imagine life without my CD's or DVD's.

So imagine when I went shopping for my last car and actually asked the salesman if the car came with a CD player. A Volvo without a CD player? Double Duh. Yes, there is a point to this confession/rant and that is that while I finally joined the CD club I'm still behind the times in regards to my music. If they played it in a bar in the 90's I own it. If it's a twangy, big-haired country singer I probably have it. The same goes for music from the 60's, 70's, 80's....I have it and know every word to every song. But the Top 40 hits? I couldn't tell you anything about it. If I happen to hear a song on the radio and like it I'll buy the CD but half the time I don't even know what the title is or who the artist is. So when I pop into Best Buy...Target...or a local music store I will usually have to hum a few lines for the sales person. Imagine if you will a 40 y.o. gay guy (on a good I can pass for 30 but still...) walking into Best Buy and asking 19 y.o. sales boy if he can help me find the song that goes like this "Don't cha wish your boyfriend was a lot like me? Don't cha wish your boyfriend was a freak like me? Don't cha? WELL? DON'T YA???"

After reading about The Pussycat Dolls in every other gay blog on the web for 2 months I finally "get it" and got it. I am SO hot on those girls and that song. My poor T had to listen to both versions of don't cha 4 times on the way to get our weekly tans. Then I just have to take the CD inside so CJ, my friend and spray tan girl, and I could dance around and act fools to it. Naturally, we've changed the words to suit our needs and maybe one day I'll share them with you. Until then just let the vision of ME singing the original version get you through the day :-)


I've been pretty quiet on the tragedy in New Orleans on my personal blog. I have some opinions and observations that are not the most "politically correct" and I don't want to turn my site into a debate forum. It's just not what I want on my blog. That said you can find me all over the place voicing my piece if you look hard enough. I will say that my heart goes out to every single innocent person whose life has been devastated by Katrina. I've donated to relief efforts and will continue to do so. I also encourage everyone else to follow their hearts and do what they can do to help those less fortunate.

What the hell...It's my blog and I can run as I see fit. I'd like to go on the record and say that the way the so-called leaders of this country are handling this situation is abominable. There are victims who have been all but abandoned by those who could help them. Then there are predators, thieves, and degenerates mixed in with these victims who are acting in a manner as such that they should be shot on site. The people (animals) over there who are raping, pilferaging, and creating chaos for the innocents deserve exactly what they have. At the risk of sounding like Pat Robertson I'd say that if there were a way to pick and choose who could be rescued I'd like to see it implemented. Save the ones who are doing what they have to in order to survive and leave the bastards who are causing all the trouble behind to fend for themselves. Perhaps the thousands of good people over there will start policing for themselves and eliminating the troublemakers. I know if it were me I would be my own army and do what I could to protect the true victims from the agitators by whatever means necessary.

For the record, so no one takes my comments as a racial thing, I don't give a shit if an evil person is white, green, pink, black, brown, or all of the above. Evil is void of color.

If it weren't so tragic it would be almost amusing that Pretend-President Bush has called in the arch enemy of Republicans everywhere, our last real President, Bill Clinton, to save the day. Seeing Clinton step off the plane with George Sr. and hearing that he was meeting with W to discuss this catastrophe was the first glimpse of hope that I saw for the poor victims. God, I wish Clinton was still in office. On so many levels I wish this. In some small way he is and by the invitation of the self-serving, maniacal W. You just gotta love that.


Bring Home The National Guard.

It goes without saying that they should never have been sent to Iraq in the first place. However, they are there and not here in the USA where we need them. Please consider joining this campaign.


Sangroncito said...

I'm just like you when it comes to new tech toys....I only realized what an i-pod was a couple of months ago!

And I agree with you...Bushboy looks mighty small standing next to Clinton.

The Dangerous Man said...

I agree, bring back the National Guard, they're needed in New Orleans.

Scott said...

Pookie, I love your blog and you continue to say whatever you believe!

I have already been in heated discussions at my office over the devistation in the south, so I too refuse to post anything about it on my blog. Evil has no color, I agree.

Darlin - you are not alone on being behind the times :-P I am in the exact same boat with you. Though I did get quite the good laugh-out-loud-with-tears-streaming-down-my-face when you said that your 73y.o. mom pointed out the CD player! What a hoot!
Peace~ Scott

purpletwinkie said...

"I am a bad,bad gay man" too.

Tomas said...

you've read my posts on dubya, so i won't desecrate yr blog w/my rantings about the fascist pig... (oops)..... just leave me to say, that i keep enough loaded weapons around this house to hold my own if it came to that..... people shooting at rescue workers? it's all insane there....

ok... write this down so when you go to yr local music store.... ask for 'Dressy Bessy' Electrified.... dunno why... but i gotta feeling you'll love it.. (if you doubt me go to amazon or cd .com and listen to a few cuts)... ya wanna dance?... here ya go... turned on to this by my 14 yr old step-daughter....
you keep postin', my friend... thaz what i love about you

DLAK said...

Pook: I think this is a very bad sign, I think the curtain is about to go up, I think the stone wall on the other side is a reality Americans will find hard to understand, I think we are fucked. I hate the fucking word verification.

Pookie65 said...

Thanks guys for obliging my rant. I try to keep my blog on the light side but sometimes it just can't be helped.

Sorry about the whole verification thingie, dlak, but I've been seeing some of my favorite blogs hijacked by advertisements. The last thing I want is for someones comment to be lost in a sea of spam.

ella m. said...

I've made my hatred of Emperor Shrub widely known, so no offense taken here.

Dionysus said...

Pookie your post just crack me up, thanks for the laughs and good read, I've never heard of the pussy cat doll or there music but I will check it out =D

Dionysus said...

I see what you mean I just got done watching there video, It's one of those song that sticks to the brain, "G'THANKS" now I'm hoping I don't bust out in song and dance at my folks cook out today. don't cha, just see my Dads face, don't cha "LOL" =D