Randomness II

I've been feeling a cold or sinus infection since Wednesday. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Head hurts...sinuses hurt...hair hurts...everything. I want to be at home in bed instead of working the Parade of Homes today. 1,500 folks looking for decorating ideas and maybe 5 of them actually looking to part with some $$$. It kills me when the out of towners and low life's come through bitching about the prices. "$325,000 for THIS?" Yeah. Now either accept that this is the price or haul your ass outta here and take your whining pack of grubby kids with you. Now that I've vented I'll assure you that I am nice to everyone and treat them the exact same way I'd like to be treated. I'm all bark and very little bite unless provoked.

So we're hitting Atlanta next week for the first time in like 5-6 years. The last time I went it was for my Grand-monster's funeral so there was a "cause" for going. This time it's for my best friends 40th birthday and another friends 70th birthday. If it weren't for these special folks I wouldn't be making this trip. I despise Atlanta. Over the years it's become a dirty, over crowded, crime ridden, rude place and I can say this without having to defend myself because I lived there for the first 30 years of my life. Seriously, other than a few dozen people and a couple of restraunts there is nothing redeeming left about the city where I grew up. Before I moved it had become so segregated by class, economics, ethnicity, religion, and politics that every other block is like a battle ground for some cause or the other. It's just another large emotionless city to me now.

Onto something positive.....the war over Miss Hibiscus is over and we are the victors. In the course of a week or so I've beheaded over a dozen grasshoppers and killed off every trace of spider mites. She is doing so well and has grown so much that I may have to transplant her from a pot into the ground. I believe she'd like that.

In the past week I've accomplished much off my "To Do" list from weeks back. I've had electricians in to add/replace lighting, refinished the rear porch & patio, and managed to pin down the gutter man to a price for the front of the house. When I don't feel well I tend to get really motivated in getting things done I've been putting off. Our one year anniversary in this house is on October 6th and it's really amazing how much we enjoy it. I can't say I'd build again in the near future but there is something to be said for starting with a blank canvas and watching your vision come to light.

So now I'm going to offer up some product endorsements:

Right now I am so loving the shampoo and linen water from Nancy Boy. It's a small gay owned & operated bath & home shop in San Francisco we found a few years back in the Castro. I was addicted instantly to their signature fragrance for home and body. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

Also sending out some love to Lacoste Pour Homme. I'm all about this fragrance on me.

My Paper Denim & Coth jeans are making my ass look real good these days. Rest assured I didn't pay a fraction of $244 for them (I hit the major sale) but I dare say I would seriously consider it because they fit that good.

Favorite shoes (if you can call them that) of the moment are the Santa Cruz Thong by Sperry. I know...they are basically glorified flip-flops but this is Florida and I usually keep a smart pedicure so I can wear them if I want to. Great with shorts or jeans.

Finally I'm going to rave about my most comfy, cutsie shirt: by Lucky Brand it's the Tropical Paisley and it makes me feel good. I love just about anything by Lucky brand and can usually find their products at least 60% off at one store or another. Call me a bargain hunter but I rarely do full price.

So that about sums up my post for today. Nothing exciting...just me.


Scott said...

Life in Florida without natural disasters, grasshoppers, and red-flowing rivers! Wow! And those Christians thought that Armageddon was upon us. Guess you proved them wrong!!!
Hope you get some rest and start feeling better soon :D

The Dangerous Man said...

Atlants - I wouldn't have ever thought that its a bad place. By the name I would think that its a luxury place, where fortunes and riches are everywhere, and streams wind between buitiful glass buildings, ahh wait - thats atlantis.

Hope you get well soon.

Scotty said...

Hope you get to feeling better buddy boy! I am feeling much the same...ugh!

Ethan said...

I absolutely love going to model homes and looking around! I might be one of those people though who sound annoying when they question the prices! lol

Hikaru said...

I am so shopping with you.

purpletwinkie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Echinacea & Goldenseal when the sinus infection sets in. Been years since I had one...

Just watch... in three weeks I'll be posting about "The Worst Sinus Infection in Years"

cola boy said...

Hmmm....are you sure Santa Cruz Thong isn't your underwear of choice, not your footwear of choice? Hope you feel better.

ella m. said...

I live in paper denim and cloths and citizens of humanity, in fact I may as well camp out in neiman marcus.

Until then their website will keep my credit card crying for mercy.

hope you feel better.