In my world

It's been a crazy week. Work has been super productive and I'm actually ahead on a few of my clients projects. Actually, I'm patting myself on the back as the paperwork and design is done on 3 homes that won't be turned over to the buyers until April 2006. It's a good feeling to stamp a file "completely" and file it away for several months.

T & I went to a wonderful Halloween party on Friday night. It wasn't a costume party (thank God) but the hosts went all out on the decor, theme, food & libations. Words cannot describe how much effort they put into this party. It was like something from Southern Living magazine. There was a Sushi bar, every kind of Hors' Dourves imaginable, plenty of cocktails, and countless Halloween displays from an entire animated village to a life sized skeleton doing the back stroke in the pool. We had a blast.

Last night we carved the pumpkins with CJ & her daughter. If I can get T to take a pic I'll post it. The one I created has 3 faces: perplexed, pissed off, and an "I need a drink" face. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Keeping with the Halloween spirit I'm going to see Saw II with CJ and and her other daughter. T is a big ole scaredy cat when it comes to horror flicks so I'm guessing he'll pass. I'm not expecting academy award performances or directing from Saw II but if it's anything like the first one it will be pretty f-ing intense. Can't wait!

So, we got the call early in the week that the in-laws were coming down for a visit the first week in November. I love T's parents and while they are very eccentric they easy to keep entertained. The last time they were down our subdivision had no infrastructure and out house was just a vision. Now it's a real community that we're very fortunate to be a part of. T's parents are a tad bit eccentric as I mentioned and this time they've booked a hotel as opposed to staying with us. It certainly doesn't offend me that they're staying here as I'm wont to stay in a hotel when I visit someone as well. There is just something weird about sleeping in a strange home. And then there's the hotel sex! Perhaps that's why Dad & G booked themselves a room -- to get their freak on. (T will be mortified when he reads this. Sorry babe)

Tonight we're taking my mom out to an early dinner. She was planning on cooking but dinner at her house is a big, drawn out ordeal. I've asked her to hook it up later in the week and being the best mom ever she agreed.

Now that I've bored my readers to death I'm going to hit the shower and start thinking about work. Maybe I'll post something really scandalous from the office today ;-)


Hikaru said...

I'm quite curious to find out how eccentric T's parents are.

purpletwinkie said...

Better they get their freak on at the hotel than the room next to yours where you can hear it!

Sangroncito said...

BOO from Brazil!

Ghone said...

Reading your blog is damned site more intersting than anything on the 300 tv channels that I've just browsed through!
Hope T can take a snap - I love pumpkin photos.

The Dangerous Man said...

Ahh the hotel sex. It doesnt get better than that. Its so sneaky and naughty, and good to try it in a different bed.

Danger Mouse said...

The memories of hotel sex!!!!!!

Saw 2 is a must see film. Me and Jay seen it yesterday and it's fab. Better than the 1st which is not normally the case.