You can't go back home

T & I survived the trip to Atlanta. It's really funny but for a city that I was born, raised and spent most of my adult life in I never felt a connection to the city. The traffic was a horrible as I remembered, the over-crowding was the same and for the most part it is still a very dirty city.
Sure there are plenty of new developments and urban renewal is flourishing but there is a trail of abandoned areas for every "in place" created. It was nice seeing my friends and the family that I cared to see but it was ever so good to come back to my real home.

We stayed at the Waverly Hotel at the Galleria which was quite nice. The location was as good as you can get as far as being by the interstate(s) and in an area that is still relatively nice so that made the trip a lot easier to deal with. I've officially made the obligatory 10 year visit and I'm glad it's over.

So when we get back there is some D-R-A-M-A going on in the office. We have a meeting at 4:30 today and who knows what the hell's gonna come from it. The only thing I worry about is being able to keep my mouth shut if blame starts being cast for something that I or my team had no part in. I am not one to sit back and quietly watch judgement being cast when it's not due. Should be an interesting meeting none the less.

Every time we go away and board the dogs our older one, the Chow, comes back home with a stomach bug. Poop....more poop...and more poop. Add to this he is a stuborn old dog and refuses to take medication without a fight so yesterday was not a good "parenting" day for T. He somehow took charge of poop control and medications so he was not a happy camper by days end. I'll make it up to him somehow.


Mr. Brian said...

awww. I certainly feel for you.

doris said...

Oh dear but at least you made the trip and di dyour obligations.

I hope the office DRAMA worksout.... would love to know as curiosity goes into overdrive. On the other hand - I was completely peed off with a client today who wanted bells and whistles upon bells and whistles and was just about to write him a shirty email but lost my internet access. Good job as I managed to find a work a-round but it is a stupid situation. But the customer is always right! NOT.

Welcome back to you and T :-) ((Hugs))

Scott said...

I know that feeling all too well about the area of being raised. I also completely relate to your comfort of knowing that you are "home" in FL. I was just thinking the other night how I love Oakland. Every city has an energy, not always explainable, but still always there.

Hope your meeting goes well

The Dangerous Man said...

Glad to see you had a 'good time'

As for the poop, rather T than me!


iggy said...

There are parts of Atlanta that are VERY nice and clean.. and quite fun.

Scotty said...

I have never lived anywhere but right here where I am from. I used to want to move but my kids are rooted here so I will prolly die here...ugh.

Sorry to hear about the poop bug...lol. I am just glad it is not MY job to clean the poop.

Hikaru said...

Eep. You might want to check and see if other dogs boarding there are coming down with the same thing.

Sangroncito said...

I love dogs! I am so happy Amber brought her dog to Brazil...a dog really makes a home. Everyone was so worried about the 24 hour plane ride...3 different flights, two different airlines..but he is fine. He's 10 years old but doesn't look a day over three.

purpletwinkie said...

Sounds like you had poop everywhere... Atlanta, work and at home! :)

Danger Mouse said...

Yuk, poor T, cleaning up the poop.