Time for a quickie

The past few weeks have been crazy. The trip to Atlanta cut into my blog time as has work and even some play. Over the weekend I experienced three new things that I'll quickly hit on.

1) I played in a golf tournament for the first time. I've hit a few balls many years ago but never played 18 holes (and no we didn't complete all 18) and found it was a lot more fun than I expected. I'll be buying some decent clubs and taking lessons in the weeks to come.

2) I went to my first Bar Mitzvah. Wow! What a treat. So much food, laughs, and the beauty of the service itself was touching. It really got me thinking about my own spirituality and how deep inside I realize it's time for me to look past my disdain for organized religion and look for a church that I can tolerate. I miss the sanctity of a religious service and the peace in myself as I connect with the higher being.

3) I made a FABULOUS Greek chicken dish that I'll share the recipe to later. It was a true hit.

It's been a hectic time and I've had some fun but I'm ready to get into a routine again. Will post more later this morning as time permits.



purpletwinkie said...

It all sounds great! Glad to see you found some time to keep us posted ;) Hugs.

Mr. Brian said...

learning new things is awesome.

doris said...

Sounds great :-) Am looking forward to hearing more about the Greek chicken dish in loving delicious detail!

As for the service - that's nice if you feel your spiritual side awakened. See how it goes. Do you have a Jewish heritage? My hubby does but he is now a committed atheist. I float on the subject of spirituality.

Nice to hear from you :-)

Qivan said...

I get mistaken as a Jew all the time.

Please post the Chicken recipe, I'm always on the lookout since I rarely eat red meat, just fish and chicken.

Pookie65 said...

Aww thanks for the replies guys (and gal) :-) It's been a crazy few weeks. I am going to post the recipe in a seperate post. Had the leftovers tonight and they were better than the first night.

Alexander said...

Hmmm, a religion which looks past organization and focuses on ones self and inner peace? Why not try buddhism? I've always wanted to research that particular spirituality myself. It appeals to me because a) I don't believe life should be lived trying to live up to the expectations of others (and that includes a god, gods or supreme beings) and b) I refuse to believe I am made up of pieces of evil aliens who will one day return to earth.

Anyway, there's my suggestion. If you ever do find out more be sure to let me know :D

Sangroncito said...

We miss you when you don't post!