You just have to love this

Rabid bitch and mouthpiece of the GOP, Anne Coulter, darkened the ground of my city last night. How anyone with a shred of common sense could actually find credibility in this vile creature is beyond me. Given the moral fiber of those for whom she writes I really shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, a friend forwarded this bit of satire to me and being a connoisseur of dark humor I loved it. Strap-on Veterans for Truth: A tribute to Anne Coulter.


Bougie Black Boy said...

you are absolutely hilarious... "Rabid bitch".

The Dangerous Man said...

Will there be a time when I don't leave your blog laughing? No, I don't think so.

Qivan said...

She was in Canada, and made so many mistakes about our history. Such an arrogant woman, but what scares me, is that she has so many fans.