Casting Meredith Baxter in the role of Pookie

Lee Remick may be dead but Meredith Baxter isn't and I'm starting to feel a lot like I've been cast as one of her most famous roles as Betty Broderick. So I'm casting her as the lead in the Made-for-TV movie about my life. Did you know that I'm now a maniacal raving bitch with no regard for anyone else? Yep.

To rehash the past 8 hours it has been a constant flurry of brand new "he said...she said" phone calls and emails. The bottom line is that #2 PP (Paycheck Provider) refuses to take any responsibility for their actions & comments over the past 2 years. For many years and as many projects #2 PP has let a certain someone get away with anything short of murder. They can come and go as they please; shrug off their duties; abandon work with no repercussion; and basically do very little and be paid very well. #2 PP lets this happen.

After #1 PP had gotten a gut full of this nonsense they contacted #2 PP and said, "enough is enough..do something", but #2 PP is obviously scared to step up to bat and confront this person (which baffles all of us!). But do they do what #1 PP asks? Hell no. They pass this lovely chore onto us lowly (but well paid) worker bees. The upheaval in the office and resulting changes are thrown back into my lap and that of one other co-worker while #2 PP sits back with doe-eyes and acts surprised. Bull shit.

Mean while, back in Gotham City, myself and one other person are looking like we've deliberately and maliciously set up this whole situation for some extra cash and out of spite. Again, more bull shit.

For the record I am off work today -- I was off yesterday but I've spent every spare damn minute involved in this unfolding drama. So much for R&R! Every time we (myself and the other office Betty Broderick) try and do something to make things better it just gets worse. Well, I give up. Perhaps the real Betty Broderick was onto something. No, not killing someone but being a raving bitch and not backing down. Hell, if I'm being cast as a Betty then why not at least have the fun of actually being one? I could throw a very dramatic tantrum. I could leave vicious, screaming voice mails. I could throw things out of a window and then set them on fire. And I could also drive a vehicle through the front door of a building. In fact this is all starting to look very appealing about right now.

No, I suppose I'll have to just deal with this real life drama and hire Meredith Baxter to have all the fun playing me being crazy. Going to jail isn't an option and I really don't have it in me to be that crazy but it's damn fun watching someone else do it on TV. I think I'll just rent A Woman Scorned. Meredith Baxter gets to play the biggest bitch on earth and Betty Broderick, well, she just gets to sit in jail.

Updates to come. In the meantime I promise not to drive any vehicles into buildings or set anything on fire. I'll just be watching it on the TV and waiting to see what happens next from the office.

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The Dangerous Man said...

Lol, stressed a little?
You're gay. Gay people aren't supposed to be stressed. Be a happy go lucky guy and forget your woes. Or at least file them away till tomorrow.

You seem like a down to earth guy, by the way, from what i see in your posts.