Lee Remick, Why'd ya have to go and die?

My life could be a Made-for-TV movie....but let it's the kind of movie that will make your head hurt from screaming, laughing and crying. If only Lee Remick were still alive she could strap on a...well you know.... and play Me in the story of my life the past week..... But more on that later.

First off thanks again for the kind & sincere comments & emails regarding the loss of our Niki. It was a horrible few days but we've adjusted and it gets better each day. The worst time for me is dinner time. It's hard making just one "doggie dinner" as opposed to two and it's hard to sit at the dining room table and not have Nikki 1/2 under my chair waiting on a crumb to drop and my having to be an acrobat to step over him you get up. Damn I miss him but at least I know he's in a better place and not suffering. Hugs to all of you. And not weak, society hugs (Lord know I see enough of those as it is) but big warm hugs where I hold on for as long as you let me. Your kindness has made a difference. Thank you.

So now for the current drama:

Big changes in my office. Long story short is that last week we had a meeting that started out really, really bad and ended up with myself and one of my co-workers getting more responsibility and more pay. One minute I'm sitting there thinking to myself that it's time to looking for a new job and the next I'm offered more money for a job well done. Go figure.

Totally out of nowhere came all these massive changes. I can adapt to just about anything so that's not a problem but someone else isn't so happy with all this and I feel really bad for them. As big a bitch I as admit to being I don't like seeing a very likeable person with a good heart hurt. Sadly it's a part of life in any business but none the less it just sucks. I told the #1 PP (Paycheck Provider) today that I was just going to spike the water supply to our office with a little Vodka and Xanax so everyone can just be calm & happy. #1 PP & his right-hand man just laughed. I guess they think I'm kidding. OK --- I am kidding. No, seriously I am.

Backing up a bit #2 PP and I (who are also good friends) spent the entire weekend shooting back & forth emails laced with vinegar & piss. This is nothing new as we are both very strong willed and don't back down when we think (know) we're right. Finally, Sunday night we kissed & made up via our computers but I know damn good and well that a sequel is coming soon. Neither one us will let the other one have the last damn word. It's a good thing we love and respect each other is all I can say.

Today, I spent the whole morning anxious, pissed off, and guilty that while I'm going to make more money someone else is going to take a cut in pay. It's not my fault this is happening and I didn't ask for it but it's that whole wanting everyone to be happy thing even when they bring bad things on themselves. I suppose I'll be able to appreciate the honor, and it is an honor, that's been given to me and enjoy the fruits of my labor once the dust settles. Until then I'll save the Vodka and Xanax for myself --- In my very best Lee Remick no doubt. Truly, no one could play the victim or troubled soul as good as she. Rest in Peace, dear Lee. TV just isn't the same without you.

On a cheerier note my blog has been given a very nice review by Bloggy Award. I didn't win myself a smart looking banner for my site but I did get a favorable review and that makes me feel really good. Thanks, Bloggy Award! You can check out my review here.

I promise to check out all my buddies blogs and leave a smart comment at each real soon. I just have to get through the next couple of days...

Well, that's about all for today. I'm feeling very much the need for a cigarette and a nice Martini ala Miss Remick.


cola boy said...

Yes, Lee, we miss you. Don't beat yourself up over this raise in pay/someone losing pay thing. Some one felt you were doing a good job, and if you believe you were, then accept it as a testimony to your abilities. :-)

BTW, have you heard Sondheim's Anyone Can Whistle? She's the female lead along with Angela Lansbury.

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

I'm sorry Pookie, but I'm still lost in thought back up there where you said "strap on". The reason is, did you see the new book written by the woman journalist who lived in drag for a year? Got a job and everything? Dated? Well, in the article I read about her, it said she went and got a flaccid prosthetic for everyday wear. I really don't remember much of anything else about the darn article except that. Oh and she glued stubble onto her face, too. Slightly less interesting.