Hospice opens their doors

4:30 Afternoon Update:

It has been a totally wild day. My sister-in-law told the Hospice people that my brother struggled to get to the bathroom this morning and they promptly denied him a bed in their facility. Because? Well, because he was able to get out of the bed -- even with the help of his wife and grown son. He must be completely immobile for them admit him. Red tape just sucks. Now everyone is worrying he'll pass away at home in his sleep which is what he absolutely doesn't want to happen.

Guess who called me today? #2 PP. It was a very brief and very to the point conversation totally work related and it was all I could do to keep from laughing knowing that retribution was in route. At least I had this to smile about if only to myself. So the nature of this call was to let us (the office) know that we are expected to buy a $100 gift certificate for a door prize for an awards ceremony that WE are all receiving awards at. OK -- so we are the recipients of our own donated gifts? Well, how fucking cheap is that? The unadulterated nerve.

All Hell broke loose about 3o minutes before I left the office. A superintendent cussed out an appraiser who promptly cursed him out and then came in and blessed out our office. Well not everyone -- she likes me for some reason. She was very nice to me. I guess her gaydar went off and she knew I would say something witty and tell her how fabulous her Chanel sunglasses looked on her (which I did). I admire her for sticking to her guns and not allowing a man to boss her around. I like her so much I asked for her business cards and plan to give them to select people in my company that do only top dollar sales. She will get herself some good business leads and keep herself in Chanel glasses for years to come I hope.

The worst of my day was finding out that my sweet aunt who just passed away did not indeed die from a heart attack -- she bled to death in her kitchen. I don't know the exact circumstances but it was mistakenly told to me by another relative that she accidentally took a nasty arterial cut and due to her blood thinners literally bled to death in a matter of minutes. This just makes me sick. On the one hand I am still relieved that she died quickly and at home. She never was admitted to a nursing home or long term care which was her worse fear. On the other hand I am sick to the heart that this precious lady bled to death. Apparently no one but the family medical community (where is how I heard this) and her immediate family knows this. It's not my place to tell anyone -- honoring what I assume is their wishes -- but now I have this horrid image in my mind and can't share it with anyone.

If my T really, really loves me he'll take me out to dinner tonight or order in. The maid came today (who I'm insanely wild about) and I cannot bare to see the kitchen messed up. Everything shines..Is in it's place...and I don't want to ruin the moment.

Now for the good news -- OK -- a diversion from all my drama actually -- Hairdom's cry baby extraordinaire, Jonathan Antin, is coming back for a 3rd season. Oh. My. God. When we last saw Jonathan he announced that he'd fathered a child with his live-in girlfriend of the moment. Yes, Jonathan is all heterosexual/metrosexual manly man. I'm guessing that season 3 will be all about designer diapers & crying contests between he and the new addition to his Hollywood home. I cannot wait. As much as I bitch about Jonathan Antin I never miss a Blowout episode. It's like watching a car wreck. Better yet a really bad hair wreck. It starts on Wednesday, March 15th on Bravo. Do a search within my blog for all my past Jonathan rants.

So last night I took my mom out to our favorite Mexican place and on the way back my sister calls. For the past 2 days my brother has slept at least 15 hours of the day and taken in nothing but a sip of water. His in-home nurse has told his wife that the time has come. He's not speaking now but will still nod or so I'm told. The nurse started the paperwork to get him into a Hospice unit in a near by hospital. He told his wife on Saturday that he didn't want to die at home and that a hospital bed at home was not going to happen. So this morning or later today they are moving him out of his house. This is his last journey and I hope it's a peaceful one.

The hardest part of this has been watching my sister and mom fall apart. My sister more so than my mom which is strange. My mother is a tiny little woman with a steel attitude for facing obstacles. She has her moments where she falls apart but I'm able to talk her through them and keep her going. My sister on the other hand is taking all of this extremely hard and I'm not sure if I'm any help to her during this or not. She said yesterday that she just wants it to be over. I agree. I believe the dying process is far worse than the actual death for the living survivors.

I can't thank everyone who has left comments and emailed kind remarks. I truly mean it when I say that if I could jump through the screen and hug your necks that I would. You are the best.

Side note: Your Pookie has taken a bit of revenge on #2 PP. Nothing too evil or malicious rather something entirely legal and ethical from a professional stand point. I can't elaborate yet but let's just say that I've planted a very large seed in a small pot. When the seed grows, and it will definitely grow, someone is going to account for their own actions whether they like it or not. Only two people in the world know exactly what I'm talking about and one of them called me last night and told me that I was their hero. Awwwwwww shucks. I feel all warm, fuzzy, and vindicated now. Truth be known I feel alot like Norma Rae at this moment. More on this later.


The Dangerous Man said...

"The hardest part of this has been watching my sister and mom fall apart

I can believe that, My Mum has, ever since I've been knee height to a grass hopper, strong and 'in charge', I don't know how I'd react if I saw her get 'emotional'.

Lol @ jump through the screen, I tried it, and now I have a bruise on my head, thanks Pookie!

Micah said...

Let us know if there's anything me can do.

Thinking of you.

Pookie65 said...

Thanks sweeties. It is so nice to have this outlet to vent and even nicer having good people such as yourselves sending me good thoughts. I mean that.


Badaunt said...

Oh, I do feel for you, with your brother having such a hard time dying. It is so hard for him, and so hard for you to watch.

ella m. said...

~Sends e hug and some home remedies for any lingering traces of the cold~

I wish I could say something more eloquent, but i hope you make it out of all of this safe and well.