There's no place like home

The last few weeks has been a frenzy of emotions, turmoil, and travel. As I unpacked one of my two bags I could only stop for a second and say a quick prayer that I wouldn't be using it again any time soon. The other bag, a hanging one, can just wait. At least my toiletries are back in "their drawer" and today I can shower & start my day in my own bathroom!

I don't know how deep I feel like getting into the whole emotional aspect of everything but I am going to touch on a couple of things that I walk away from this whole experience feeling good about: my nieces and my nephew. What wonderful adults they've grown in to over the years!

My nephew, N, is going on the 9th or 10th anniversary of his 25th birthday :-) and has grown into a wise, funny, and compassionate, handsome young man. It's been at least a year since I've seen him and 4-5 years since I've had the opportunity to spend any quality time with him and his partner, T2 (we each have our own wonderful T's), of 6 years. And, yes, he is also gay so I guess there is something to that genetics theory after all.

My oldest niece, A1, is getting married in September to a wonderful guy, G, who is as cute as he is sweet. A1 has grown into a hilarious & beautiful young woman with fire in her eyes and wit forever at the tip of her tongue. I look forward to her wedding day and seeing this little vixen walking down the isle to her soul mate.

The youngest niece, A2 (they both have names beginning with A), is in her own right a brilliant and sweet girl/woman. Did I mention she is also gorgeous? Not in the "I spend 3 hours getting ready in the morning gorgeous" but naturally. I hope that when the time is right that she finds a life partner who is as well suited for her as her brother and sister has.

It was good for me to have the time alone in the hotel every evening and most of the day on Monday. I had the time to reflect on the losses of family members and the renewed relationships with my brother's family. I also took one afternoon and went shopping, to a movie, and out to a very good dinner. And I read two books. Now, my T doesn't do well being alone. Even if for a day he is in the house alone he gets anxious and lonely. Granted I don't even have to be in the same room with him to ease these feelings but just being in the same house is enough for him. But I actually like/need some time to myself sometimes. Solitude can be a good thing occasionally.

Anyway, I'm finishing this post back in the office. I started it this morning and then looked at the clock which proclaimed that it was time for me to get my ass ready for work and had to save it for later.

And this brings me to work. I'm happy to report that #1 CW is staying! She told me on Monday that she was going to quit and when I talked to her on Tuesday she'd done a lot of soul searching and decided that #2 PP was not going to run her off. A big YOU GO GIRL to her. At this point none of us involved with this project are allowing #2 PP to have any influence over us again. That bitch has ran her last course of interfering with our lives. #1 PP apparently let her ass have it and in summary told her that his team would not be broken by her or anyone else. She was told to back off and have little or no contact with us. To follow up with this I am going to call the bitch and tell her that I am done with her on a personal and professional level. She has lost all respect I ever had for her and that I don't want her to so much as utter my name. She has lost that right.

Furthermore, if I so much as hear she has said one negative thing about me or anyone involved with this project (and trust me if she does I will hear it) then I will do everything in my power to see that #1 PP pulls this and all future projects from here. Add to this I will never ever defend her personally or professionally again. She is dead to me and this is a good thing. I don't need the theatrics or drama from a delusional egomaniac interfering in my life. I have Bold & The Beautiful for that if I want a soap opera! And Susan Flannery is far more glamourous a bitch than #2 PP. Trust me.

Well dears, I am going to close with my thanks and appreciation for the kind comments, emails, and prayers during this time. It really means more than you know.

For my next post I will be sharing my recount of "Star: US Airways Super Stewardess" -- OH MY GOD.

Hugs & kisses!


Mr. Brian said...

I'm happy you made it back home safely....

BTW, I have a maternal uncle who is gay and a paternal first cousin who is gay.

I didn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell of being str8. My siblings got all those genes!

doris said...

Oh dear, you and I seem to be going to and fro between each other's blog administring hugs and good wishes!

Thank you for those lovely reflections of your nephew and nieces. I have an Uncle again (we are pretty remiss in our family and lost my remaining Uncle 40 years ago) and he figures highly in my life just now. It is a special bond and I reckon your nephew and nieces are lucky to have an Uncle like you :-)

Interesting developments on the work front and hope it goes well.


Badaunt said...

Doris is right that your nephews and niece are lucky. Especially your gay nephew, to grow up with such a positive role model.

Pookie, I'm sorry I haven't visited for a week or so. I've been spending less time on the computer, and neglecting my blog reading because I was having some problems. (Carpal tunnel syndrome, I think - does that start out with tingling fingers?) I missed your post about your brother.

My heart goes out to you.