It is so official now I'm a free man! I feel like I've found the elusive key and managed to escape from the prison that has been my personal hell. If you've not read the comments under my last post then I'll give you a quick run down. On Monday I packed up my desk, turned in my keys, and walked away from my current project. What lead up to this was yet another email from PP#1, quite likely the greediest, most self-serving bitch in the whole world, and a former friend. It wasn't anything unusual - the same childish, petty, vicious kind of email that I've received a hundred times before) but it was my reply - and I stated in my reply that was going to be my FINAL reply ever - that set all of this into motion. One day I plan on posting excerpts of the emails as a small cyber pat-on-the-back to myself. I took a firm stand on the side of ethics, morals, and justice and dammit it feels so good I want to see it published for the world to see.

It's no secret that PP#1 (who will now be referred to as CBWS - Crazy Bitch Without Soul) has done everything within her not-so-reliable powers to make my life and the lives of several good people a living hell. But it wasn't just her that made me cross over from the dark to the light side it was discovering that PP#2 (oh yes - the "good" guy -- the same "decent", ""Christian" man who repeatedly assured me and a few others that he would "always be there for us" were ) was the one who sealed the deal for me. His true colors have shined through like red lace panties under a white gauze skirt. And it ain't pretty.

To my face - and in writing - for 2 1/2 years I've been praised and promised the moon by this guy. But when it all comes down to this pillar of the community and someone who I regarded so highly has turned out to be a cowardly user. This is day 3 since I quit and not a single word. No reply to emails and no return phone calls. Through the grapevine (his 2nd in command) I've heard one message and that is that he "really didn't want me to go." Well duh! If you had someone giving you 110% of their loyalty and talents; working their ass off (off the clock) on your personal projects for no charge; and defending you against the Bitch of the Southeast, of course you want them to stick around. Well, Pookie don't play that game anymore.

I thought about it overnight and this morning tossed back to him, via my own messenger, that I would only consider returning under two circumstances. One of them being that I expected him to convince me of why I should stay. The other being that CBWS have no say so or authority over my own position in regards to any and all of my contributions to the project. Furthermore that any compensation to me for my services come from him directly with her making not one red cent off of my work. For him this is a win/win situation but (always a but) for him to do this he will have to be man enough to iron this out with her (ha!) and have the guts to do a face to face with me and explain to me how he ever allowed the situation to get to this point in the first place. Quite frankly I'm not intimidated in the least by this bitch, I pity her, but it's obvious he is. Go figure. He's the one with all the money and I'm just...Well I'm just a regular (albeit fabulous) guy who is not taking their shit anymore.

So here's my favorite part. I win regardless how this all plays out and here's how. It's highly unlikely that either will accept these terms. But there is no way in hell they are going to be able to avoid the conversation about it. The way I have things set in motion she is going to hear it first and her fucking enormous ego and equally large mouth isn't going to let her sit by without calling him. When he hears about it he'll see $$$ signs by not having to pay her her original cut off of me (which is fairly sizable over a couple of years) AND gets stop the madness in his office. Me back. He may be weak when it comes to confrontation with me but he'll do anything to save $ - especially if he is getting a deal - which he would be. So he is going to have to talk to her (logically at first) just to make the problem go away and fix things in his office. Trust me he will see this as an option worth discussing. Even if he won't talk to me he will talk to her as he pays her. And it will not be a pretty conversation I assure you. They WILL fight over this. I win by either returning to something I absolutely enjoy doing and believe in (not going to happen) OR I win by knowing that she is going to go into stark fucking outrage (inevitable) which will force him into battle mode and that will infuriate her all over again. Her mouth is her own worst enemy and my best friend in the scenario. God I am loving this so much. Who knew taking the moral high ground could be so much fun?

That little party aside (chuckle)...I had an appointment this morning for another project (different players all together) which intrigues me. There is a huge amount of profit potential and it's a very cool concept. The meeting went well enough that I was told that I'd make a perfect addition to the group and asked if I "as a formality would like to meet with the developers to see what we can make happen." We're meeting next week.

I'll keep you posted.


cola boy said...

CBWS...I like that! And thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like CBWS will self-implode soon enough.

Micah said...
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Micah said...


Keep us posted!

Sangroncito said...

The fury of Pookie is about to be unleashed! I can't wait to hear more...

doris said...

Gosh - what a time and it is still playing out. Good for you for taking the moral high ground - I like that. There are always other roads to take and looks like some are already opening up to you.

Keep strong and positive!

ella m. said...

Congrats on your escape from the perpetual drama.....such lovely things can be done where there's a will and a paper trail.