Happy Monday!

Well, it has been an interesting 48 hours. Since Saturday morning I have been in battle once again with PP#1. This time Pookie has shown his hand and is not backing down. Legally PP#1 has every right to fire me as Florida is a "fire at will" state. Meaning even independent contractors auch as myself can be terminated with no stated reason. Period. I fully anticipate receiving notice by the days end.

But Pookie is OK with this. Over the past few months (years) I've accumulated a stack of memos, documents, and emails. I love paper (especially those with signatures, dates, and comments) and instead of hugging trees this liberal saves them. Well, these are going to come in quite handy. By 10:00am I plan to be in the office of an attorney (the meanest SOB in 5 counties) and presenting him with a folder full of evidence that shows Slander, Libel, and Blacklisting that has been used against me. Then yours truly will be sending Fed Ex packages to the DBPR and all governing National, State, and Local offices of my chosen profession. Trust me I don't care to see one thin dime. In fact, I will go so far as to put in writing that I want no compensation or punitive damages and even pay my own legal fees in the event it comes to it. What I want is justice and to have my good name protected.

I have been fucked with one time too many. Someone wanted to play hardball with me and the ball will be served to them in their court (no pun intended) on a silver platter.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a nice little folder for the media as well?

The only thing I want out of this life is to be be treated the way that I have always treated other people. I want to work a job that I love, excel at, and do with high morals and ethics. When someone challenges my RIGHT to this then they will get the fight of their life.

More later kiddies.


cola boy said...

You go, girl! Keep us posted on what happens.

purpletwinkie said...

I hate when people fuck with me... I mean, unless I invite it (and dinner first of course).

doris said...

Gosh - I wonder how it is going and guess will have to wait for the fullness of time to see which way the cards were dealt.

Best wishes.

Pookie65 said...

Long story short I resigned from my position today. It's been a hellacious day but I'm OK. Actually, I'm better than OK because I took the high road and stood behind my principles and morals. It feels good knowing that even though I'm walking away from something I love I'm also leaving behind me a bunch of garbage. And no I didn't do anything with my folders --- yet. I did talk to an attorney and confirmed that I have all the evidence I need to insure that my reputation remains in tact. Not to say that I won't be moving forward with something should I need to but for today I am just content in being a good person and standing behind my convictions.

Perhaps I'll post on this more in the morning. Then again I may head over to the beach for a short get-away.

None the less Pookie is doing damn good considering the day. I plan on hitting the sack early, snuggling with my honey and sleeping the sleep of the just.

Hugs and kisses to my buddies around the world.

Scotty said...

WOW~ Remind me to NEVER get on your bad side.


Pookie, it sounds like you and I are in similiar fiery situations. I am sorry yours had to come to this. I am REAL QUICK to do the same damned thing. My confrontation starts this morning. Wish me luck. Did your tongue split in two and rattle off some obscenties? Mine is already split this morning and RARING TO GO!

Micah said...

'Atta Girl!

Sangroncito said...

WOW! Go get 'em!!!