What happened to the April showers?

It's gone from warm, breezy days in the 70's to dry, still days in the 90's in a matter of a couple of weeks. It seems like yesterday that my lawn was soft and brilliantly lush. But as of this morning I can hear that "summer is here" crunch beneath my feet when I walk outside. Even the irrigation system is doing little to no good in keeping things healthy. Can I just say that I love the city but hate the weather?

Years ago Florida was known for it's afternoon showers. You could set your watch by the daily 4:00 shower. Now we're lucky to get a rain once a week. The dreaded "D" word is already being used. Drought. I want to live someplace that has normal weather...the kind with four seasons. Here we get a couple of months of cold and then straight into blistering summer.

T and I are giving serious thought to moving from here one day. We like where we are now much better than Atlanta but this is not someplace we care to retire to and live year round. For several months I've been actively looking for an investment/retirement place up north. WAY up north.

Granted we're about 15-20 years off from pulling in our shingles but in order to afford something we are going to have to do it while we're both still working. Well, I found this place. Sounds like paradise to me. Not very realistic being so far away but the price is unbelievable and the attributes are very appealing. For now the search continues and it's fun to plot out a future for when we're active seniors (old lushes) and enjoying our golden years.

OK, the clock tells me I have to be at the office in 45 minutes so I'm off.


Sangroncito said...

That property is lovely and so inexpensive! I'm almost tempted myself! It sounds and looks so romantic.

I remember when I was a child and spent summers with my grandparents in Sarasota there were always daily afternoon showers that left big puddles for us to play in. It is sad how climate changes are affecting the world.

doris said...

Lovely looking property. What is "half bath" in real estate speak? Sounds to me like a bath tub that is cut short!

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