Bungalow fever strikes

Since May 8th I've basically been unemployed. For those regular readers of my blog you know that this is by my own choice but on the off chance someone new pops by then scroll down and catch up.

While I've enjoyed having the time off I've now reached the point that I am going stir-crazy. One can only see so many movies...watch so many hours of TV...work in the gardens just so long before it comes tedious. Well, I am definitely there. I cannot wait to get back to work.

This coming Monday I will sign all the paper work for the new project and I hope to immediately jump into months of countless meetings, design sessions, and market research. I welcome the challenges and hard work ahead. Hell, I welcome ANYTHING to do! Just to show you how bored I've become I'll share some of my exciting "accomplishments" from the past 3+ weeks:
  • set up online bill paying and paid one bill
  • spent countless hours watching the real-time stock ticker from Scott Trade
  • watched by-the-second as my positions went WAY down and then creeped slowly back up
  • learned that the guy who does my highlights has moved (WTF?)
  • realized that since the new haircut I have no highlights and need to find a new hair dresser
  • did a home facial: Grape seed extract & Tea tree (not all it's cracked up to be)
  • spent and average of $100 a day at Publix re-stocking the pantry and freezer for 10 years
  • made at least 25 trips to Lowe's for gardening supplies
  • smoked 1.5 packs of cigs a day --- knowing that I plan to quit by June 9th
  • established June 9th as the day to officially give up cigs
  • made a point to shower before 4pm (anything later would be downright lazy)
  • changed out my computer key board
  • cleaned out my office closet
  • took and had my car washed & detailed
  • drank coffee with the housekeeper
  • went out to dinner 15 times with friends
  • took 30 Xenical capsules to offset high-fat meals
  • drank lots of coffee
  • changed light bulbs in most lamps to the new mini-fluorescent bulbs
  • brushed the dog
  • took naps with the dog
  • teased & tormented the dog by taking his toys and running from him
  • flossed teeth 17 times
  • changed the ring tone on phone
  • changed desk-top background on PC --- three times
  • spent countless hours doing mundane things to pass the time

This morning it hit me that I just can't wait until Monday. Between now and then I am going to work on a new marketing plan and make the list-from-hell of topics for the first team meeting. I just hope that my pent up enthusiasm and energy will convince my new team that I'm completely insane. The truth is that they may be right.


Spider said...

Sounds like a great way to spend unemployment to me...

Sangroncito said...

I know that watching the stock ticker go by feeling all too well! When I find myself watching the financial news too much I know it´s time to get outside!

cola boy said...

You go, girl! Turn that pent up energy into great ideas for the new job, and wow them all on your first day. (And if you ahve any energy left over, you can come over and straighten up my place ;-) )

Badaunt said...

Cola boy beat me to it. I wanted you to come over here and straighten up MY place.

Have fun in the new job! Sounds like you're ready for it.